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Hear from Real Teachers about the Benefits of Micro-credentials

September 11, 2018 | By

Across the country, educators are demanding opportunities to personalize their professional learning. Research suggests the traditional professional learning methods—typically one-size-fits-all and top-down—don’t meet the needs of today’s educators or their students. Moreover, we now know that educators are learning in more ways than ever before—at traditional workshops and in-service days, but also online, from colleagues, from mentors, and through trial and error in their classrooms.

Micro-credentials provide a promising pathway to personalizing learning for educators. They provide competency-based recognition for the skills educators learn, regardless of where and how they learned them.

But how do educators feel about this new tool? To find out, Digital Promise interviewed more than 25 educators from across the country to understand what micro-credentials have meant for their learning, their practice, and their students. Four themes emerged: micro-credentials support teachers’ professional growth and empowerment; improve classroom practice; increase opportunities for reflection; and grow student engagement.

We have captured these educators’ voices in our new interactive report, “Micro-credentials for Me: Personal Stories from Real Educators,” which features new videos and audio clips of our interviews. Click here to hear directly from the educators themselves, then be sure to visit our Micro-credentials Platform to start earning your own micro-credentials today.

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