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Sharing the First MY World 360° Playlist at the UN General Assembly

September 25, 2018 | By

In March 2018, the United Nations SDG Action Campaign, Digital Promise Global, and Oculus announced the launch of MY World 360°, a new global initiative supporting young people worldwide to develop their digital skills, share their perspectives, and advance positive action toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are a set of 17 interdependent global goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Today, as part of the Global Day to Act for SDGs, we’re thrilled to announce the first MY World 360º playlist—a collection of youth-produced immersive stories from around the world that spotlight issues most relevant to young people and their communities. The MY World 360º playlist will be screened at the UN General Assembly as part of the United Nations Virtual Reality program, and presented virtually at the SDG Media Zone at the UN HQ in New York on the Global Day of Action on September 25th.

The playlist of stories below represents a broad range of creative responses, including a public service announcement about food deserts and access to healthy food, an exploration of social media’s influence, and a celebration of diversity and multiculturalism.

Our next MY World 360° playlist will be screened the SDG Festival of Action in May 2019. Submit media to the MY World 360° submission form by April 1, 2019 to be considered for the playlist and join us in exploring how immersive storytelling can inspire action to build a better world for everyone.

Complex City

A video poem intended to immerse the audience in Fifth Ward (a super-neighborhood in Houston, TX), and challenge simplistic thinking about the area.
Site/Location: Urban Enrichment Institute (with Writers In The Schools), Houston, Texas, USA
Youth Producers: Byron A. (16), Daylen H. (13), Deandre D. (15), Roderick J. (14), Lamar E. (15), Matthew T. (16), Lee R. (16), James W. (12), Jason M. (14), Lynwood O. (15), Tant D. (15)
Educator: Sharon Ferranti
Related SDGs: Goals 1, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17

Food Desert

A video that answers the question: What food options are available in your community?
Site/Location: Mt. Pleasant High School, San Jose, CA, USA
Youth Producers: Rogelio L. (18) and Santos W. (18)
Educator: William Cavada
Related SDG: Goal 3


A documentary about a woman named Francisca who inspires her community of Terra do Sol in Brazil.
Site/Location: CEPI – Carlos Alberto de Deus, Goiânia, Goiás, Brasil
Youth Producers: Beatriz K. (17), Sabrina R. (17), Gabriela C. (16), Yan Í. (18)
Educator: Layla Rocha
Related SDG: Goals 45, 1116

The Influencer

A 360° video about social media and society.
Site/Location: Gemeinschaftsschule Bellevue, Saarbrücken, Saarland, Germany
Youth Producers: Julian W. (17), Gosia C. (17), Jonas J. (17), Jennifer G. (18), Simon G. (17), Lara K. (17), Akim H. (17), Jason K. (17), Hagjer D. (18), Dennis K. (18.), Jana S. (17)
Educator: Torsten Becker
Related SDGs: Goals 3810, 12

Myrtle’s Waste-FULL Life

An endangered sea turtle’s Point of View (POV) of sea debris in her home.
Site/Location: Churchill High School, San Antonio, Texas, USA
Youth Producers: Alyssa P. (17), Claire G. (16), Zoe (16), Yasmin M. (16), Lauren M. (20)
Educator: Robin Morriss
Related SDGs: Goal 14

Slum Visions

Step into the shoes of a young photographer who is passionate about sharing underrepresented stories in his neighborhood.
Site/Location: Emerson College, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Youth Producers: Kieran McKeon (21), Jason Blanton (21), and Andrew Arias (18)
Educator: Sarah Berkovich
Related SDGs: Goals 14, 810, 11


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