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Improving Frontline Workforce Talent Development with Data

January 28, 2019 | By

Frontline workforce talent development presents numerous challenges. Many frontline workers, or the workers who deal directly with customers and deliver services, say the workforce development and job training programs available to them aren’t relevant, and most workers don’t have the capacity to complete these programs for degrees or certificates.

There is a lot of fragmentation, but I think it’s time to take all of that fragmentation and bring it together into some generally accepted, harmonized model aligned to industries’ needs.
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Adult education providers intend to deliver services to support adults in attaining the skills necessary to find and keep good jobs and sustain independent lives, but they worry a lack of data and data analysis capacity inhibits staff from evaluating and improving their services. And, employers worry about the longevity of a company with high turnover rates, record low unemployment rates, and an absence of a talent pipeline.

What is missing from this ecosystem that ultimately prevents frontline workers from acquiring the skills they need to satisfy workforce needs?

Digital Promise’s new interactive research report focuses on the need for a data-driven learning ecosystem to design personalized and effective learning pathways for frontline workers that meet ever-changing workforce demands.

Understanding frontline workforce talent development data can positively impact workers, funders, employers, and program providers

A sneak peek at our Tapping Data for Frontline Development report

Our interactive report determines that the current learning ecosystem that serves frontline workers—which includes stakeholders like education and training providers, funders, and employers—is complex, siloed, and removes agency from the worker.

Data sharing systems and collaborations are beginning to emerge, though, as stakeholders recognize the power in data-driven decision making and the benefits to data sharing. In addition to three case studies that provide valuable examples of employers, a community, and a state focused on driving change based on data, the report identifies seven key recommendations that can move us toward a more data-driven, collaborative, worker-centered learning ecosystem.

Learn how to solve the challenges you face as you offer, fund, or use workforce development and training opportunities for frontline workers by reading the full report, “Tapping Data for Frontline Talent Development.”

The research included in this report was made possible through funding by the Walmart Foundation. The findings, conclusions, and recommendations presented in this report are those of Digital Promise alone, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Walmart Foundation.
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