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MY World 360° Films Debut at SDG Global Festival of Action

Global Festival of Action

April 29, 2019 | By

This week, as part of the UN Global Festival of Action in Bonn, Germany, we’re thrilled to announce the second MY World 360° playlist—a collection of youth-produced immersive stories from around the world that spotlight issues most relevant to young people and their communities.

The release marks the first anniversary of the launch of MY World 360°, a partnership between United Nations SDG Action Campaign, Digital Promise Global, and Oculus, supporting young people worldwide to develop their digital skills, share their perspectives, and advance positive action toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In September 2018, the first MY World 360° playlist was screened at the UN General Assembly as part of the United Nations Virtual Reality program and presented virtually at the SDG Media Zone at the United Nations headquarters in New York City on the Global Day of Action.

This second MY World 360° playlist represents a broad range of creative responses, from a dramatic enactment of gender discrimination to an immersive journey from the farm to the table. Check out these youth-produced stories below, and join us in exploring how immersive storytelling can inspire action to build a better world for everyone.

Lollapallango – Santo Amaro

A short documentary about Lollapallango, a culture, sports, and technology event hosted for children living in Santo Amaro, a neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.

Site/Location: Colégio Estadual Souza Aguiar – CESA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Youth Producers: Beatriz P. (18), Bruna A. (17), Ana V. (17), Gean G. (18)
Educator: Jussara Olinev
Related SDGs: Goals 1, 3, 4, 8

Gender Equality

A dramatic enactment of gender discrimination, portrayed through the story of a young girl pursuing her dreams despite the discouragement of those around her.

Site/Location: Berufliches Gymnasium Wirtschaft, Schulzentrum Wirtschaft & Makemedia Studios, Bremen, Germany
Youth Producers: Sukhmen G. (16), Alexandra D. (17), Sevginur K. (16), Alejna A. (17)
Educator: Dr. Ute Pieper
Related SDGs: Goal 5

Meet the Meat

An immersive journey from the farm to the table.

Site/Location: Schillergymnasium Münster, Münster Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Youth Producers: Lucas W. (16), Leonhard M. (16), Anna E. (18), Christopher J. (18), Max M. (17), Konrad H. (18), Hendrik S. (18), Lennart K. (18)
Educator: Leonhard Mühlmeyer
Related SDGs: Goal 2, 12

Beach Warriors

A video about how one community is working to address the crisis affecting their oceans and beaches.

School/Youth Organization: Menlo-Atherton High School, Atherton, California, United States
Youth Producers: Sara M. (16), Chase E. (17), Carson R. (15), Tracy L. (17)
Educator: John Giambruno
Related SDGs: Goals 14, 15

Get involved in MY World 360°

Ready to become a MY World 360° creator?

  • Youth and educators around the world are invited to use our free resources to learn about the SDGs and develop the skills needed to capture, edit, and share 360° media that represents their perspectives and communities in immersive and compelling ways.
  • Young people ages 5–24 from around the world are eligible to submit immersive media, including photography and film, to be considered for future showcase opportunities.
  • Follow @Global_DP on Twitter for live updates from the SDG Global Festival of Action.

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