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Youth-Created 360˚ Films at the United Nations General Assembly

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September 13, 2019 | By

Today, leading up to the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, we’re thrilled to announce the third MY World 360° playlist—a collection of youth-produced immersive stories from around the world that spotlight issues most relevant to young people and their communities.

MY World 360°, a partnership between the United Nations SDG Action Campaign, Digital Promise Global, and Oculus, supports young people worldwide to develop their digital skills, share their perspectives, and advance positive action toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Young 360° film creators from 24 countries submitted 76 media projects for consideration for the third MY World 360˚ playlist. The collection includes youth voices from Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Kenya, Uganda, and the United States, with a focus on Climate Action and Reducing Inequalities. The stories allow viewers to examine issues of climate and inequality in settings that range from the Amazon rainforest, to the largest dumpsite in Eastern Africa, to the bustling Sham Shui Po neighborhood in Hong Kong.

A boy works with a 360˚ camera

MY World 360˚ media makers in Brazil. Photo Credit: Rafael Bittencourt

Their immersive stories will be screened at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on September 24 and 25, days on which heads of state and government from around the world will gather to comprehensively review progress in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 SDGs. The event is the first UN summit on the SDGs since the adoption of the 2030 Agenda in September 2015.

Watch the MY World 360˚ stories below and explore how immersive storytelling can inspire action to build a better world for everyone. The next MY World 360° call for submissions will open in early 2020. Head to for more information.

Special thanks to Adobe for providing creative tools to the 360˚ Story Lab for many of these and other young filmmakers to edit their immersive media projects.

Cipó de Jabuti – Amazon Riverine Stories

A virtual reality mini documentary filmed entirely in the Amazon rainforest.
Site/Location: Global Shapers Community, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Youth Producers: Odenilze Ramos (22), Rafael Bittencourt (21), and Guilherme Novak (24)
Related SDGs: Goals 10, 13

The filmmaker works with a woman behind a 360˚ camera

Behind the scenes of Cipó de Jabuti – Amazon riverine stories in Brazil. Photo Credit: Rafael Bittencourt

The reason why we've made Cipó de Jabuti is to show this populated Amazon to the world. This Amazon that is more perceptible when you are here. It’s a sustainable Amazon where people work together with the forest and develop solutions to keep living sustainably as they’ve always lived.” – Odenilze Ramos, Filmmaker, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Tu Prejuicio, Mi Identidad (Your Prejudice, My Identity)

A video showing how the gaze or opinion of others can make individuals feel oppressed and judged for their gender or identity.
Site/Location: Fundación Puerta 18, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Youth Producers: Brenda B. (13), Ignacio M. (21), Yazmin B. (17), Gianluca B. (16), Jeremy S. (14), Manuel Jesus S. (20), Rocío T. (18), Marcos T. (15), Ezequiel H. (19), Álvaro C (14), Ulises R. (18), Iván L. (17), Renata Z. (13), Stephanie I. (19), and Guido Q. (14)
Mentor: Andrés Díaz
Related SDGs: Goals 3, 5

Students work with their recording equipment

Tu Prejuicio, Mi Identidad (Your Prejudice, My Identity production team. Photo Credit:Fundación Puerta 18

Elegimos este tema porque nos parecía muy importante visualizar acciones que han estado muy amenizadas. Bueno, lo hicimos justamente en este momento histórico y cultural de Argentina, y de algunas otras partes del mundo, para visualizar los distintos roles que pueden ser actuados por las personas. Nosotros también, con este corto, invitamos al espectador a que reflexione e intente empatizar con el tema, aunque no lo haya vivido de una primera persona.” – Ulises Romano, Marcos Tobio, and Iván López, Buenos Aires, Argentina

English: “We chose this topic because it seemed very important for us to visualize actions that have been occurring quite frequently. We did it exactly at this historical and cultural moment in Argentina, and other parts of the world, in order to visualize the different roles that people can take. With this short, we invite the spectator to reflect and try to empathize with the topic even though they may have not experienced something like this directly.”

Diversity in Sham Shui Po

A portrait of Hong Kong’s Sham Shui Po district, where diversity thrives.
Site/Location: University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Youth Producers: Fung Gabriel (19), Tang Wai Yin Antonia (20), Lam Tse Tin (22), Zheng Wei (21), Liu Leran (20), Ma Guolei (23)
Related SDGs: Goals 8, 10, 11, 16

Filmmakers interview a subject for their 360 video

Diversity in Sham Shui Po’s production team in Hong Kong. Photo Credit: Gabriel Fung

“Sham Shui Po is one of Hong Kong’s densest districts. And, it is its poorest. Yet it is at the core of the city’s thriving diversity…In this video, we interviewed residents, workers, and ethnic minorities and asked them about their relationship to the area. Despite their hardships, they have all persevered…We hope that through this video people will develop a newfound sense of appreciation and admiration for the district and come to realize that it should be preserved.”- Fung Gabriel and Tang Wai Yin Antonia, Hong Kong

The Forgotten Ones

An immersive narrative that places viewers into the largest dumpsite in Eastern Africa, told from the perspective of the dumpsite itself.
Site/Location: BlackRhinoVR, Nairobi, Kenya
Youth Producer: Charles Muchiri (22)
Related SDGs: Goals 1, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11

Filmmaker is at the recording site with others

Production team in Kenya. Photo Credit: BlackRhinoVR

The Forgotten Ones is a global call to action against environmental degradation. For instance, Kenya has less than 10 percent forest cover. That means our day-to-day lives are damaging the environment. The journey through the dumpsite helps bring people to their own reality. Our goal is to spark a conversation about land restoration among policy makers and governments to come up with innovative and sustainable ways of recycling and land management, and to fully immerse viewers into the reality of what is happening here in Kenya.” – Charles Muchiri, Nairobi, Kenya

Decolonize Your Eyes

Through the perspective of one of its residents, the filmmakers seek to decolonize narratives about the favela and communities of Rio de Janeiro.
Site/Location: GatoMÍDIA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Youth Creators: Andressa Santos (20), Nicole Pereira (22)
Mentors: George Ferreira; Raull Santigo; Marcela Lisboa; Leonardo Souza; Jonathan Thomaz; João Araió; Thamyra Thâmara
Related SDGs: Goals 1, 4, 10, 11

The filmmakers of "Decolonize Your Eyes"

The filmmakers of “Decolonize Your Eyes.” Photo Credit: GatoMÍDIA

“I am very happy to have been able to participate in the GatoMÍDIA formations and today to be sharing knowledge with others. Having our movie in MY World 360º is a very important step. I believe that showing other stories from the favela to Brazil and to the world is fundamental to deconstruct stereotypes and prejudices.” – Andressa Santos, 20, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Farm Cops – For a Hunger Free Society

A profile of activities at a school farm aimed at equipping students to be farming ambassadors who can bring lifelong skills to their own communities.
Site/Location: Gayaza High School, Kampala, Uganda
Youth Producers: Katriana A. (15), Mitchelle M. (15), Mildred M. (16), Sarah N. (17), and Rebecca M. (17)
Mentor: Theode Niyirinda
Related SDGs: Goals 1, 2, 5, 7, 13

The film's production team creates their film on the farm

The “Farm Cops” team in Uganda. Photo Credit: Theode Niyirinda

Around the Same Table

A story about the importance of sustainable farming and the community it brings together.
Site/Location: Cedar Ridge High School, North Carolina, United States
Youth Producers: Justus A. (17) and Charles B. (17)
Mentors: Andrea DeGette and Alexis Barnes
Related SDGs: Goals 2, 3, 8, 12

Students work with their mentor on 360˚ filming

Breaking down the basics of camera set up and placement with mentor, Alexis Barnes. Photo Credit: Andrea DeGette

With climate change on the brink, we need to really focus on sustainability – everyone from the farmer to the consumer, because for the farmer, it makes his life easier, and for the consumer because they know it’s coming from a well balanced farm.” – Justus A. and Charles B., North Carolina, United States

Break the Bias

A story about the impact of gender biases children face throughout their lives.
Site/Location: iEARN-India, Pune, India
Youth Creators: Anish P. (18), Mihir P. (17), Sakshi G. (17), Avani K. (16), Radhika K. (18), Sukhada B. (17), Chaitanya M. (18), Sachit L. (16), Ketaki P. (16), Omkar J. (17), and Rohan D. (15)
Mentors: Sunita Bhagwat and Mrunal Potnis
Related SDGs: Goals 3, 5

Students work with their filming equipment

Equipment prep for Break the Bias. Photo Credit:iEARN-India

We chose this topic because we wanted to show that gender discrimination is not always intentional. Even the most valued people can do it without even knowing about it. Gender discrimination occurs at a subconsious level and it may be due to the way people are raised or conditioned to think. We want people to think about their subconscious thoughts and how they affect society.” – Anish P, Mihir P and Sakshi, Pune, India

Ribeirinhos – The Struggle of a People

Students document the daily struggles faced by people living on the river banks across from Breves, Brazil.
Site/Location: High School Maria Elizete Fona Nunes, Breves, Brazil, in partnership with Recode
Youth Creators: Breno Amaral (20), Divany Guimarães (20), Gleice Clara (19), Wesley Pinheiro (18)
Mentor: Marcos Paulo de Oliveira Barros
Related SDGs: Goals 1, 3 ,4, 10, 11

Student filmmakers hold up certificates of an award for their 360 film.

Student filmmakers hold up their first place award for Festival Regional Cineastas 360. Photo Credit: Recode.

“It’s a great thrill to know that our video is going to screen at the UN…We have fought hard to create a documentary that shows all the faces of the city and all the angles of our rich nature. The selection of this short film also means a lot to the riverside people who preserve a delicate balance with nature that passes from generation to generation on the island of Marajó and throughout the Amazon region. This theme deserves the attention of the municipal, state, national authorities and worldwide, because today, more than ever, the rivers and the forest are seriously threatened by humans who does not respect nature. We are proud to be showing some of our home to the UN, showing to other people a little of our beloved Breves.” – Breno Amaral and team, High School Maria Elizete Fona Nunes, Breves, Brazil


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