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New Resource Highlights Micro-credential Policies Across States

Illustration of map of United States with Micro-credentials used as location pins.

January 28, 2020 | By

Micro-credentials are gaining ground as a form of professional learning for educators. Interest in micro-credentials continues to increase as more schools, districts, and states launch pilots to learn more about successful micro-credential implementation. Digital Promise has fielded a high volume of questions about how micro-credentials are being adopted, recognized, and valued across the education landscape.

In response, we partnered with the National Education Association and the Center for Teaching Quality to prepare a resource on the growing momentum around micro-credentials. Our interactive Micro-credential Policy Map lets you explore micro-credential policies and implementation stories across the nation.

Explore the Map

The Micro-credential Policy Map lets users filter for four specific information points about micro-credentials:

  • States where educators have earned micro-credentials
  • States where policies have been instituted at the district level
  • States where policies have been instituted at the state level
  • States where institutes of higher education have implemented micro-credentials

illustration of Micro-credential Policy Map

Clicking on individual states on the map provides information about that state’s policies, including links to resources and engagement stories to learn more about the work on the ground in each state. This resource reflects our most recent research on micro-credential policy adoption, but we acknowledge the landscape is evolving quickly. We invite you to share updates from your organization below so we can keep this map as current as possible.

Map of United States highlighting micro-credential engagement in Kansas.

Share Emerging Policies and Impact Stories

As you explore the map, complete the survey to let us know about emerging or existing policies in your state or district, and to share stories of micro-credential impact and engagement. You can also share how you are using the map and utilizing micro-credentials using #MC4Me on Twitter. We will continue to update the map as we gather more resources and information.

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