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Announcing the 2021 Cohort of HP Teaching Fellows

April 14, 2021 | By

We’re excited to announce the 2021 cohort of HP Teaching Fellows! The new cohort includes 25 educators from across the United States and Canada, selected for their excellence in powerful teaching and learning with technology.

HP Teaching Fellows Exemplify Powerful Learning

HP Teaching Fellows are part of Reinvent the Classroom, a collaboration between Digital Promise, HP, Microsoft, and Intel. These educators create deep, meaningful learning experiences for their students that are personal and accessible, authentic and challenging, collaborative and connected, and inquisitive and reflective.

HP Teaching Fellows become part of a network of like-minded educators who deepen their understanding of Powerful Learning through free professional learning with Digital Promise. They support one another in the powerful use of HP and Microsoft tools, such as using Skype and Microsoft Teams to organize virtual field trips, using Minecraft to engage students in design challenges, and using Flipgrid to help students connect with and share their indigenous languages and cultures. HP Teaching Fellows also receive opportunities for networking, presenting, and sharing thought leadership through online publications and virtual events. By sharing what they’ve learned, they advocate for reinventing the classroom and inspire others with their creativity and passion for this work.

Introducing the 2021 Cohort of HP Teaching Fellows

Here is the full list of the 2021 cohort of the HP Teaching Fellows:

  • Attiya Batool, Grade 4 Gifted Teacher (Florida)
  • Tara Bova, Grade 3 All Subjects Teacher (Missouri)
  • Amanda Brace, Instructional Design Support and eSchool Teacher (Saskatchewan)
  • Seth Brady, Grades 9-12 Teacher (Illinois)
  • Robert Cannone, Grades K-8 Coach & Consultant (Ontario)
  • Brent Christensen, Grade 7 Math Teacher (Washington)
  • Laura Davies, Grades 6-8 Science, Math, and Computer Science Teacher (Alaska)
  • Megan Edlefsen, Grades 9-12 Fashion, Interior Design, and Personal Finance (Texas)
  • James Ewing, Grade K-5 STEM/Science and Grade 4 Special Education (New York)
  • Lisa Gustinelli, Grades 6-8 Computer Science & Design Thinking and Instructional Technologist (Florida)
  • Cecil Hall, Grades 9-12 Financial & Marketing Management Teacher (Alberta)
  • Teena Hine, Grades 6-8 Computer Science and Technology Integration Specialist West (Virginia)
  • David Hoang, Grade 3 STEM/Librarian and Digital Lead Learner (Ontario)
  • Kristine Holloway, Grades 6-7 All Subjects (Ontario)
  • Jessica Holmes, Grades Pre-K – 5 Librarian (Kentucky)
  • Morgan Keena, Grade 7 Social Studies (Idaho)
  • Amy Long, Grade 3, Early Intervention Program (Georgia)
  • Jenna Missanelli, Grades 9-12 Instructional Coach (Pennsylvania)
  • Vickie Morgado, Grades 6-7 Elementary Guidance Learning Teacher (Ontario)
  • Theodore Ragavas, Technology Coach (New Jersey)
  • Kamla Rambaran, Grade 6 French, Math, Social Studies, and Arts Teacher (Ontario)
  • Thomas Rogers, Grade 9 ELA Teacher/Department Chair; Acting Assistant Principal (Alberta)
  • Christian Scott, Middle School Social Studies & Computer Science and Technology Coordinator (Massachusetts)
  • Pashupati Shah, Grade 11 Geometry (Tennessee)
  • Joshua Tabor, Digital Learning Specialist (Texas)

Learn from the HP Teaching Fellows

The HP Teaching Fellows share examples from their classroom through their profiles, blogs, and Twitter using the hashtag #ReinventTheClassroom. You can learn from and engage with HP Teaching Fellows by joining our upcoming events:

Want to learn more about Reinvent the Classroom and HP Teaching Fellows? Find more resources here:

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