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Reinvent the Classroom Welcomes the Tulsa HP Teaching Fellows Cohort!

Students at Sutton Middle School use online research to answer questions during a lesson in history class.

May 17, 2022 | By

Digital Promise is thrilled to welcome the newest cohort of HP Teaching Fellows. These educators become part of a network of like-minded Fellows who deepen their understanding of Powerful Learning through free professional learning and leadership opportunities with Digital Promise. These North Tulsa educators are the latest to join the community of practice which includes more than 75 practitioners across the U.S. and Canada.

Meet the HP Teaching Fellows Tulsa Cohort:

  • Australia Brown, First Grade Teacher at Mayo Demonstration School
  • Marlena Gastineau, Fourth Grade Teacher at Marian Anderson Elementary
  • Donnell Hawkins, Math 6-7 Grade Teacher at Crossover Prep Academy
  • Traci Manuel, ELA Eighth Grade Teacher at Carver Middle School
  • Toronzo McInnis, 11th and 12th Grade Algebra Teacher at Booker T Washington
  • Stephanie Peppers, Fifth Grade Teacher at Marian Anderson Elementary
  • Tiffany Smith, Exceptional Student Services at Hamilton Elementary School

HP Teaching Fellows are part of Reinvent the Classroom, a collaboration between Digital Promise, HP, Microsoft, and Intel. These educators create deep, meaningful learning experiences for their students that are personal and accessible, authentic and challenging, collaborative and connected, and inquisitive and reflective.

The newest cohort is unique as it is the first to consist of educators exclusively from one region. This iteration evolved from a collaboration between HP and Black Tech Street, a Tulsa organization committed to strengthening Tulsa’s role as the new Global Capital of Black Tech. The organization’s goal is rooted in the history of the city’s Greenwood Area, also known as “Black Wall Street,” an area of North Tulsa that was decimated by Race Riots in 1921. Over multiple days, white people attacked the city’s black residents, neighborhoods, and businesses, killing an estimated 300 people and resulting in generations of lost wealth and opportunity for Black Tulsans.

These Tulsa educators will join the broader community of HP Teaching Fellows and gain support to foster innovation within their classrooms and opportunities to serve as leaders within the Fellows community and their home district. Fellows will also identify and set their own professional development course, co-designed with Digital Promise, to take their practice to the next level and reach their own professional learning goals.

This cohort will work closely with equity consultant Ashley Campbell, a professional development practitioner with Foresight Consulting, to facilitate the district-specific network and focus the fellows in their personal and professional growth. Campbell implements a system she refers to as “continuous empowerment.” The goal of this method is to operate in a way that is continual and not disjointed. The fellows are meant to leverage one another as partners and collaborators to accelerate their personal and professional goals, and expand on theory to incorporate innovative teaching practices.

The Tulsa Fellows will also have opportunities for networking, presenting, and sharing thought leadership through online publications and virtual events. In sharing what they’ve learned, they advocate for reinventing the classroom and inspire others with their creativity and passion for their profession.

Interested in becoming an HP Teaching Fellow? We will soon be accepting applications from educators across the U.S. and Canada for the next cohort of Fellows! To be notified when the application is live, visit this link!

Want to get a taste of the professional learning opportunities available to HP Teaching Fellows? Check out these programs:

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