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Announcing the 2022 Cohort of HP Teaching Fellows

Image of students at Sutton Middle School compare and contrast songs representing different eras in history during an International Baccalaureate immersion day.

September 16, 2022 | By

We’re thrilled to announce the 2022 cohort of HP Teaching Fellows! This new cohort is comprised of 17 educators from across the United States and Canada, selected for their leadership and ongoing commitment to leverage powerful technology to create powerful learning opportunities.

HP Teaching Fellows Exemplify Powerful Learning

HP Teaching Fellows are part of Reinvent the Classroom, a collaboration between Digital Promise, HP, Microsoft, and Intel. These educators create deep, meaningful learning experiences for their students that are personal and accessible, authentic and challenging, collaborative and connected, and inquisitive and reflective.

HP Teaching Fellows become part of a network of like-minded educators who use “Powerful Technology for Powerful Learning,” connecting and learning with one another through free professional learning with Digital Promise. They support one another in the powerful use of HP and Microsoft tools, such as exploring solutions to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals through Minecraft: Education Edition, improving writing for emerging readers using Immersive Reader, and creating spaces for reflection using Teams and Flip. HP Teaching Fellows also receive opportunities for networking, presenting, and sharing thought leadership at national conferences and through virtual events. By sharing what they’ve learned, they advocate for reinventing the classroom and inspire others with their creativity and passion for this work.

Introducing the 2022 Cohort of HP Teaching Fellows

Here is the full list of the 2022 cohort of the HP Teaching Fellows:

  • Brittny Barnes, Grades 9-12, English Teacher (Louisiana)
  • Bridgette Barrowes, Grade 5, Special Education Teacher (Utah)
  • Seamus Blake, Grade 8, Language, Math, and Social Studies Teacher (Toronto)
  • Yaqueline Clauss, Grades 9-12, ESL and ELA Language Acquisition Itinerant Teacher (District of Columbia)
  • Renee Dawson, Grades 6-8, All subjects, STEM lab, and Verizon Innovation Lab Instructional Coach (Georgia)
  • Tammy Dunbar, Grade 5, All content areas Teacher (California)
  • Pamela Floyd, Grades K-5, All content areas, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (Virginia)
  • Krystal Forester, Grades 1-2, Math and ELA Teacher (Saskatchewan)
  • Emilia Fusarelli, Grades 6-8, All content areas Instructional Coach (Connecticut)
  • James Hausman, Grades 9-12, English Language Arts and PBL/STEAM Teacher (Pennsylvania)
  • Nikki Jones, Grades K-5, All content areas Instructional Technology Coach (Virginia)
  • Robert Maxwell, Grades 6-8, Technology Teacher (Texas)
  • Àngels Natal-Asensio, Grades 9-12, World Languages/Spanish Teacher (Virginia)
  • Kimberly Niebauer, Grades K-5, Gifted Teacher (Florida)
  • Dao Tran, Grades 9-12, Science/Biology/Health Care/Environmental Science Teacher (Caledon)
  • Amanda Voth, Grades 6-8, Technology/Computer Sciences and Business/Career & Life Planning Teacher (Kansas)
  • Melissa Zeitz, Grades PreK-8, Digital Literacy and Computer Science Teacher and Tech Coordinator (Massachusetts)

Learn from the HP Teaching Fellows

The HP Teaching Fellows share examples from their classroom through their profiles, blogs, and Twitter using the hashtag #ReinventTheClassroom.

Want to learn more about Reinvent the Classroom and HP Teaching Fellows? Find more resources:

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