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Micro-credentials 2023: Reflections and Celebrations for the Future

February 27, 2023 | By

Digital Promise’s Micro-credential initiative has been the leading voice in competency-based badging since 2015. The Micro-credential Platform has the most comprehensive micro-credential library of its kind, and the largest public platform serving the education field. As we review our accomplishments in 2022, we are also looking forward to what 2023 will bring.

2022 Micro-credential Milestones

The number of micro-credentials (MCs) and registered users exceeded our expectations for 2022 and helped us reach key milestones over the life of our platform.

  • 6543

    MCs Awarded for 2022
  • 8298

    Registered Users for 2022
  • 16485

    Total of MCs Awarded
  • 32982

    Total of Registered Users

As we look back upon the last year, the Micro-credential initiative has achieved several key milestones. With 98 issuing partners and 588 active micro-credentials, our users earned 6,543 micro-credentials in 2022. The Micro-credential Platform has surpassed 30,000 registered users and awarded its 16,000th micro-credential. With a focus on transparency, all micro-credentials on our platform are available to all learners without having to create an account. Because account creation is only required to apply for a micro-credential, this means all our registered users have found value in our offerings.

Our platform data indicates that our active users show a commitment to lifelong learning. A significant number of active users earn two or more micro-credentials. Most users already hold a college degree and have on-the-job experience, too.

Currently, most Digital Promise micro-credentials primarily serve educators. As a testament to the value of micro-credentials, 37 percent of active users earn two or more micro-credentials. More than 95 percent of educators who have been awarded micro-credentials already have a college degree, while more than 85% have four or more years of experience in education. Further, our educators support pre-K-12, postsecondary, and work-based learning.

This data suggests that educators are using micro-credentials to maintain and update their skills. Further, educators’ experience and education levels demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning.

Looking Ahead to 2023 and Beyond

We are focused on how to enhance and scale the Micro-credential initiative as we continue to support historically and systematically excluded learners of all ages. Moving forward with new issuing partners and micro-credentials, we are looking to support all types of adult learners, with a particular focus on workforce and post-secondary students. Lastly, we will update our platform to support a friendlier micro-credential experience for pre-K-12 learners.

As we continue to focus on developing micro-credentials using a research-, competency-, and equity-based framework, we are positioned to engage in many different partnerships. If you are working on how to leverage micro-credentials as credit for prior learning, workforce skill recognition, continuous professional development, educator preparation certification, or supporting secondary student credentials, please contact us.

Try our Micro-credential Platform for yourself to explore the opportunities available to recognize your skills.

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