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Three New Resources to Put Evidence at the Forefront of Edtech Selection

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June 14, 2023 | By

School districts are faced with an ever-expanding buffet of edtech options. With the range of choices being greater than ever, district leaders require support finding tools that serve their needs and enable powerful learning.

Digital Promise’s Product Certifications, issued by expert assessors, provide district leaders easy access to evidence of edtech quality. Over the last three years, our Product Certifications ecosystem has awarded nearly 200 certifications in areas ranging from research basis and learner variability to racial equity in AI and data interoperability.

Now, we’re excited to launch three resources that support the incorporation of certification status into districts’ existing edtech evaluation processes. These resources help district leaders ask vendors questions about certification status, ensuring that the big decisions surrounding which tools students will use can be made based on evidence and third-party vetting.

These three free, open-source resources include:

  1. a template to filter vendor pitches,
  2. a set of sample questions to include in request for proposals, and
  3. a rubric to support inventorying existing edtech tools.

To learn more about how these resources can be incorporated into the edtech decision making process, check out our new report, Select the Right Edtech: How to Leverage Certified Products During the Procurement Process.

By basing edtech selection on relevant and timely evidence such as Product Certifications, school districts can widen the opportunities for impactful learning across the entire student body.

Whether you’re a district leader looking for more information, or an edtech vendor interested in becoming certified, explore Digital Promise’s Product Certifications here, and discover certified products here.

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