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Driving Change Together: New Badging Coalition to Develop Open-Source Solution

June 28, 2023 | By

Technology has transformed the workplace. How we learn and recognize learning must also transform.

Since 2014, Digital Promise has been building an innovative ecosystem of micro-credentials. Micro-credentials are digital certifications that verify an individual’s competence in a specific skill or set of skills. As our user base and platform have grown and evolved over time, we’ve recognized an opportunity for historically and systematically excluded learners and institutions to maintain ownership of badging and digital credentials.

Digital Promise is launching a badging coalition with the goal of developing a badging alternative in the market to support like-minded organizations. The proposed badging solution would incorporate the following ideals:

  • Equity: We believe that a technology credentialing solution should consider the needs of diverse learners. This concept is founded on the principle that diverse expertise, experience, and perspectives are critical to designing a robust product. Further, we also believe that development teams should be representative of the intended user base to the largest degree possible.
  • Learner Autonomy and Control of Data: Data and privacy continue to be a topic of discussion in education and digital credentials. Badging mechanisms should provide learners with autonomy in how they manage, control, and share their data, and with whom. This control should also include the right to determine how much personal information is shared and how it may subsequently be used by the badging provider.
  • Ability to Serve All Ages: Most badging providers only have the capability to serve adults, while a small subset can support credentials for learners aged 13+. Developing a badging solution that can support learners of all ages will support a variety of credentialing efforts that can serve a broader range of learners.
  • Open Source and Sustainability: Currently, there is no true open-source badging solution that is freely accessible. Since the inception of digital badges, many advances have been made that can inform the design and development of an open-source solution that is also sustainable. We believe that a collaborative open-source solution is key to sustaining and advancing badging technologies in a way that benefits a variety of credentialing organizations.
  • Adherence to Open Badges Standard V3.0: Currently, most badging providers adhere to the OBv2 and OBv2.1 of 1EdTech’s Open Badges standard. A solution that adheres to the latest standard will allow for the greatest flexibility and ability to evolve toward Learner Employment Record and Comprehensive Learner Record compatibility.

The Badging Coalition will be overseen by an advisory board and will host open Badging Coalition meetings for interested partners who represent a diverse cross-section of learners, policy advocates, and K12, postsecondary, and workforce learning providers. Currently, the Badging Coalition is at capacity, but if you are interested in staying informed and updated on opportunities for involvement, please complete the following form to be added to our waitlist.

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