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Digital Promise on the Future of Learning at SXSW EDU 2024

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We are excited to have the opportunity to present at SXSW EDU 2024, a convening that tackles complex issues to create a new tomorrow for learners everywhere. Included below is information on all of the sessions that Digital Promise team members have proposed to present at the conference. Use the links to vote for each session you’d like to see selected as part of the conference agenda. Please note: Voting for these proposals contributes towards 30 percent of each proposal’s total score!

The community voting period is from August 8-20, 2023.

Meaningful and Safe AI: Policy & Research Perspectives

An interactive conversation about generative AI will integrate two distinctive and powerful vantage points—policy and research—to help participants make sense of the buzzing, blooming confusion of emerging trends in AI use. A major policy leader will reflect on listening sessions and policy activity arising from “AI and the Future of Teaching and Learning” and the “Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights.” An expert researcher will share insights from major research initiatives addressing efficacy, equity and ethics of generative AI. What resources can guide educator’s exploration of generative AI?
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Leveling Up: How to Improve Your Organization’s Storytelling

The objective of this conversation is to explore how schools and organizations can share their stories in a way that is inclusive, diverse, and interesting! Synthesizing what they have learned from 19 collective years of communications experience across the education nonprofit sector, the speakers will present a clear picture of traits that uniquely position organizations to establish meaningful connections with their audience. They will also share stories of how they are currently supporting a global organization to broaden its outreach, while remaining culturally sensitive.
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The Fight for America’s Schools Starts in Compton

Compton was once an all-white suburb with exemplary public schools. Then those families began to flee, causing a decades-long collapse. But now, as thousands of aging, diversifying suburbs scramble to avoid a similar fate, Compton is charting a promising path forward. Compton Unified School District Superintendent Darin Brawley will join Chaula Gupta of Digital Promise, whose focus on digital transformation and “inclusive innovation” is at the heart of Compton’s rebirth, and author Benjamin Herold, whose new book Disillusioned positions Compton as a beacon of hope in a turbulent era.
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Co-Designing Regional Pathways with Micro-credentials

The silos between secondary, postsecondary, and career systems widen equity gaps and opportunities for historically and systematically excluded learners. Digital Promise is co-designing regional industry pathways to recognize learners for their skills across systems. Innovations like micro-credentials and Learning and Employment Records expand ways to document skills and competencies developed throughout learners’ lives. This workshop will share regional examples, processes, protocols, and products for co-designing regional career pathways enabled by MCs and LERs.
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Using RPPs to Support Evidence-Based School EdTech Adoption

School leaders and technologists often struggle to identify the most effective ed tech tools for their school contexts due to a variety of factors including lack of access to evidence-based practices. Such access also includes the need for professional development, technical assistance, and the development of a cohesive plan for assessing the ed tech landscape within their school contexts. Join experts for a discussion on how they are using research practice partnerships to improve awareness and application of evidence-based ed tech interventions to meet students’ and educators’ needs.
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Brave (Work) Spaces: Leveraging Your Creative Agency

Bravery isn’t just for superheroes. We are brave when we work with authenticity and purpose while also creating conditions that allow others to show up fully.
In this highly interactive workshop, participants will engage in playful and practical exercises that will equip them to define and foster brave work spaces. By taking time to articulate our own creative agency and how we can best represent ourselves and our values in our work, participants will leave this session with clear next steps and curated and customizable resources to support their practice and collaborative efforts.
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Building Design-Based Engagements for Practice & Product

Product development utilizes many forms of feedback, but often fails to build deeper design relationships with their users. Meanwhile schools and educators are demanding more personalized solutions that meet the needs of their diverse communities. This workshop will engage participants in designing feedback loops, a strategy to build meaningful relationships through design-based engagements of product and practice. In building feedback loops, product developers and school-based practitioners can collaborate to create impactful technology for education.
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Designing EdTech for Culture, Identity, & Belonging

The K-12 student population in the U.S. is growing more diverse every day. Products that are reflective of our dynamically changing student body will shape the future of teaching and learning. However, many curriculum and product developers have limited experience designing solutions for historically and systematically excluded students. Join this workshop-style session to learn about practices of inclusive innovation and dimensions of equity that can help you design learning experiences that enable all students to feel seen, heard, and valued.
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Microlearnings: The Megatrend that Defines Transformative Learning Opportunities

Microlearnings provide bite-sized lessons that transform learning experiences. Microlearning allows learners to focus on specific tasks or concepts and retain the information more easily. It also allows learners to learn at their own pace and schedule, making it more convenient and accessible. Plus, microlearning improves focus and supports long-term retention by up to 80% (Nehra, 2021). Classrooms look different and educators must adjust to what students need. Time is important, attention spans are short, and creative content is desired.
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Project Design Pods: The Secret to Designing for Equity

How can project design pod teams create equitable professional learning experiences for all stakeholders from concept to implementation? Join us to hear firsthand from a design pod team that includes a project manager, instructional designer, and facilitator as they share the secrets to success in negotiating the design process that honors the expertise of the design team members and the audience needs. You will walk away with equity-focused ideas and a process to implement within your own program.
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If We Listen, Students Will Lead Education R&D

Despite students being the ones most impacted by education — even more so during and after COVID — they are largely excluded from the opportunity to imagine and design the transformation of education. What would happen if students were leading? Hear from students who are leading education R&D by creating innovative programs that deepen student engagement and agency in high school writing. Learn how adults are supporting students in creating solutions that are changing the impact of teaching and learning.
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Certifying Educators’ Skills Globally with Micro-credentials

Participants will explore micro-credentials as a tool to promote technology-enhanced teaching and learning in various countries and contexts. We will introduce our platform of free- and low-cost, competency-based educator micro-credentials; explore how they can meet a range of adult learner needs; and share how to use them to recognize and incentivize quality pedagogy in any environment. Workshop attendees will explore the library of existing micro-credentials, identify those that are most relevant to their context, and strategize how to leverage them within their learning communities.
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Build Accessible Tech via Educator-industry Feedback Loops

UDL calls for educators to “optimize access to tools and assistive technologies.” How can developers ensure new technologies meet the authentic needs of learners? Feedback loops, a participatory design strategy that brings developers and educators together in purposeful engagement around product and pedagogy, have shown promise for creating tools more likely to be used, used appropriately, and have the desired impact for learners. In this session, edtech leaders and classroom educators will share the opportunities and challenges feedback loops present in service of learners at the margins.
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Stand out from the Crowd! Building Quality EdTech Solutions

Startups have to make hard choices about investing in product development. Aligning to best-practices and getting your product recognized through meaningful product certifications can be a great way to stand out from the crowd. Come participate in an interactive workshop led by experts from organizations such as InnovateEDU, ISTE, and Digital Promise to learn about best-practices for building high-quality edtech solutions aligned to best practices on learning sciences, digital pedagogy, usability, and interoperability, setting the stage for product expansion, growth, and funding opportunities.
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