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Proudly Announcing the 2023 Cohort of HP Teaching Fellows

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Now in its fifth year, we are excited to unveil the extraordinary educators who comprise the 2023 Cohort of HP Teaching Fellows! These educators have been meticulously chosen for their unwavering dedication to harnessing the power of technology to create transformative learning experiences for students across the United States and Canada.

The HP Teaching Fellows program, a part of the Reinvent the Classroom collaboration between Digital Promise, HP, Microsoft, and Intel, is designed to empower educators who are redefining education by using technology to foster deep and meaningful learning experiences. Their commitment to “Powerful Technology for Powerful Learning” is nothing short of inspirational.

Empowering Powerful Learning

HP Teaching Fellows become part of a vibrant Peer-to-Peer Professional Learning Community who engage in enriching professional learning opportunities through Digital Promise, where they share ideas, collaborate, and learn how to harness the potential of tools including Minecraft: Education, Immersive Reader, Flip, and Microsoft Designer. These resources promote exploration, literacy enhancement, and the cultivation of reflective thinking in educational environments.

HP Teaching Fellows also contribute to the global education conversation through opportunities to network, present, and share their thought leadership. Through their insights and creativity, they demonstrate and advocate for classroom experiences reinvented by technology, inspiring others with their passion and innovative approaches to education.

Introducing the 2023 Cohort of HP Teaching Fellows

Without further ado, we proudly present the 2023 Cohort of HP Teaching Fellows:

  • Mashfiq Ahmed, Grades 9-12, Chemistry Teacher (New York)
  • Whitney Aragaki, Grades 9-12, CTE/Science Teacher (Hawaii)
  • Sara Baragona, Grade 7, CTE Teacher (Alabama)
  • Sebastian Basualto, Grade 5, All Content Areas Teacher (Ontario)
  • Scott Beiter, Grades 8 & 12, Science Teacher (New York)
  • Tavis Bragg, Grades 9-12, Social Studies and Technology Teacher (Nova Scotia)
  • Christie Cloud, Grades 7-8, Social Studies Teacher (Georgia)
  • Stormy Daniels, Grade 3, All Content Areas Teacher (Texas)
  • Linh Ho Huerta, Grades 7-8, Science Teacher (California)
  • Cathleen Lacey, Grades 6-8, All Content Areas Curriculum Resource Teacher (South Carolina)
  • Alva Laster, Grades 6-8, Computer Science and Digital Literacy Teacher (Massachusetts)
  • Alina Morelli Baima, Grades 9-12, Special Education Instructional Coach (Illinois)
  • Samira Parhizkar, Grades K-4, Science and Technology Instructional Coach (Texas)
  • Jesse Robinson, Grades 9-12, Technology/Design Hub and Makerspaces Teacher and Director (Pennsylvania)
  • Jessica Sarr Lewis, Grades 9-12, Spanish Teacher and Digital Lead (Washington)
  • Birlly Silvestre, Grades 6-8, All Content Areas Instructional Coach (Texas)
  • Alexis Siqueiros, Grades K-8, All Content Areas Instructional Coach (Arizona)
  • Olivia Snyder, Grades 6-8, Special Education Teacher (Alabama)
  • Eleanor Williamson, Grades 9-10, Science Teacher (New York)
  • Marcus Wilmore, Grades K-8, Fine Arts/Band Teacher (Texas)
  • Brittany Zamora, Grade 8, All Content Areas Instructional Coach and Technology Specialist (Texas)

Presenting the Senior Fellows

The next phase of the HP Teaching Fellows program features Senior Fellows! An integral part of our most recent cohort, these visionary educators are now engaging in this year’s programming by seizing leadership opportunities, generating fresh ideas, and taking action to transform classrooms. As we enter this new chapter, the following Senior Fellows will facilitate and lead learning opportunities, actively engage in community events, and serve as mentors and coaches for our 2023 cohort:

  • Renee Dawson, Grades 6-8, All subjects, Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Coach and Educational Technology Specialist (Georgia)
  • Tammy Dunbar, Grade 5, All subjects, Virtual Teacher (California)
  • Amanda Voth, Grades 6-8, Technology/Computer Sciences and Business/Career & Life Planning Teacher (Kansas)
  • Melissa Zeitz, Grades PreK-8, Digital Literacy and Computer Science Teacher and Tech Coordinator (Massachusetts)

Learning from the HP Teaching Fellows

Our HP Teaching Fellows are eager to share their innovative classroom practices, ideas, and experiences. Follow their journey and gain insights into the future of education by exploring their profiles, reading their blogs, and connecting with them on X (formerly known as Twitter) and LinkedIn using the hashtag #ReinventTheClassroom.

We are immensely proud to welcome these outstanding educators into the HP Teaching Fellows community, and we can’t wait to see the positive impact they will continue to have on education. Stay tuned for updates and stories from the 2023 Cohort of HP Teaching Fellows as they embark on their Powerful Learning journey in classrooms across North America.

Together, let’s reinvent the classroom and inspire the next generation of learners.

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