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Recent Articles

New Tools for Real World Learning

Tools to integrate authentic, life-relevant learning experiences into school

Stories from the Road to Data Interoperability

Takeaways from the 2019 Data Interoperability Challenge Collaborative

Launching a Maker Learning Leadership Cohort in the Pittsburgh Region

New cohort dedicated to professional learning, peer connections, and school transformation

Advancing Computational Thinking Across K-12 Education

New report on coding, computer science, and computational thinking

Introducing the Maker Learning Leadership Framework

Resources to help schools create sustainable maker learning programs

Research Webinar: Equity and Maker Learning

Researchers discuss maker learning through the lens of equity

Maker Learning Research Webinar: Maker Empowerment

Harvard researcher shares insights on the value of maker learning

Maker Learning Research Webinar: Creative Learning in Makerspaces

Research on key opportunities and outcomes of maker learning

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