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Inspire, Clarify, Build and Grow

  Inspire, Clarify, Build and Grow… These four words found root in my heart and summed…

A Changing Culture

  At the beginning of a school year my 8th graders still look like kids.  Most…

Planning with the End in Mind

After our wonderful visit in California, I spent a few hours thinking about one of the…

Technology Goals

Going 1:1 is always exciting. The flashy new tablets hitting the hands of the students, the…

Who your students think you are..

Creating a brand seems like a concept businesses use and does not apply to a school,…

Polar GoFit Heart Rate Monitors in P.E. class

  Today was the first day that all the 6th graders wore the Polar heart rate…

Interest in S.T.E.M. Strategy: Digital Portfolios

Students use engineering e-notebooks to document their learning, reflect, and ultimately engage in STEM. Here is…

Personalizing learning isn’t enough. How do we create learners?

We hear a lot about ‘personalized learning’ – the importance of reaching every student at their level, including their interests and passions, and giving them choices.


Empower |emˈpou(-ə)r|  Lesson verb-give (someone) the authority or power to do something, make (someone) stronger and…

Lessons Learned, Victories Won

This victory is the result of digital teamwork between a school and a family.

Tale of Two Missing iPads

Sometimes the unthinkable happens. What are the protocols?

How to Make a Technology Rollout a Success

What are the key elements of a successful technology rollout in schools?

Improving learning with the power of technology

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