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What Makes a School Ready for a Digital Transformation?

Get a high-level overview of the three key phases each school went through to ensure devices would be leveraged in the classrooms.

This Is How We Roll!

Learn about some of the strategies FDR Middle School used to put devices in the hands of students in a “soft rollout”.

The iPad Guy is Dead!

See how one Instructional Coach has tackled rollout issues while learning from his students.

Sherlock Holmes to the Rescue

What happens when a device goes missing? Learn how technology can help solve a mystery.

Then and Now

With more technology available than ever, what skills do today’s learners need to be successful?

Registration or First Contact

Learn about some of the troubleshooting that Rancho Minerva MS underwent during their school registration process.

Wedding Plans

In some ways, planning a technology rollout is like planning a wedding! What needs to be done for the big day?

Learning to Love Technology

Read an educator’s take on how skepticism of technology can transform through realizing its benefits.

Cynic to Believer

See a teacher’s perspective on the creative thinking needed to implement technology into an art classroom.

Chute’s Hallways: Before and After

School hallways are changing the ways classrooms are changing; more interactive, more student-centered.


Gyms typically sell memberships with the expectation that a mere 18% of people will actually use…

Turning Tech Rollout Obstacles into Student Learning Opportunities

Check out these tips for how to ensure students are using devices safely and responsibly post-rollout.

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