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Four Steps to Building a Thriving Online Community for Every Teacher

How can we help ALL teachers be engaged in sharing and learning from an online community?

Lessons Learned, Victories Won

Privacy is such a large part of the Digital Citizenship discussion.  We talk to the students…

Before and After

Chute’s hallways have always been a clear indicator of what’s being taught in the surrounding classrooms….

Connecting In 2015!

Well hello 2015! 2014 was quite an exciting year, especially for the middle school students in…


The Gift of the Reset Button Do you remember when you were little and you got…

Tale of Two Missing iPads

I’ve been playing around with sharing this particular experience for a couple of weeks.  I wasn’t…

The iPad Guy is Dead!

The iPad Guy is dead! Ok, maybe not dead but he doesn’t come around as much…

Verizon is Coming, Verizon Was Here

Verizon is coming, Verizon is coming, Verizon is coming. I’d hate to admit this to anyone…

Armstrong Middle School Tiger Techs In Action

Click the picture below to see a bigger version!    

Tablets are the Spark

Armstrong has been eagerly awaiting the MDM and internet filter to be completed on our Samsung…

Cynic to Believer

When, I first began, I had no idea how I was going to use digital technology…

Leveraging Students Transfers Ownership

This past week our school participated in parent-teacher conferences. Traditionally, a conference would consist of a…

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