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Building on Hope: Growing an Effective Micro-credential Ecosystem

June 28, 2017 | By

The Digital Promise Micro-credential Ecosystem envisions a culture of professional learning that empowers educators to own their growth and practice to best support their students. As the number of districts, states, and other stakeholders engaging with micro-credentials continues to grow, the ecosystem is constantly refining its goals to ensure its mission remains on track.

This vision of powerful professional learning grows out of the hope partners have for what the teaching profession and learning experience of students can truly be. We recently revisited that sense of hope by asking stakeholders from our ecosystem to share their greatest hopes for micro-credentials and the ways they can transform teaching and learning across the nation.

Watch the video below and listen to their reflections.

As the micro-credential ecosystem continues to evolve, the organizations, educators, and district leaders who are part of it commit to ensuring that micro-credentials similarly deepen in their value to powerful and personalized teaching and learning.

Learn more about micro-credentials here and the ways they are being engaged by various stakeholders here.

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