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Micro-credentials in Action

Educators, district leaders, state policymakers, professional development providers, and content developers across the nation are engaging with micro-credentials to provide and engage with personalized, competency-based learning.

As the ecosystem continues to grow, Digital Promise is committed to sharing their stories to show how micro-credentials can support powerful learning.

Explore the stories below to learn how people are unlocking the promise of micro-credentials.

Micro-credentials for Me: Personal Stories from Real Teachers

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Micro-credentials provide a promising pathway to personalizing learning for educators. They provide competency-based recognition for the skills educators learn, regardless of where and how they learned them.

But how do educators feel about this new tool? To find out, Digital Promise interviewed more than 25 educators from across the country to understand what micro-credentials have meant for their learning, their practice, and their students.

We captured these educators’ voices in our interactive report, “Micro-credentials for Me: Personal Stories from Real Teachers,” which features videos and audio clips of our interviews.

Video Case Studies

Digital Promise documents the stories of educators, school leaders, and students from across the country who are engaging with micro-credentials. The video case studies below showcase the impact of micro-credentials on teaching and learning in a variety of contexts.

Beginning to Teach Case Studies

In partnership with Digital Promise, Educators Rising developed the Beginning to Teach micro-credentials to support new educators hone the foundational skills that will lead them on the path to career-long effective teaching. The video case studies below showcase the experiences of students who are training to teach and how micro-credentials are supporting their journeys. These stories will leave you inspired and optimistic about the future of the teaching profession and the educators who will be leading it.

Washington High School Seniors Prepare to Teach through Micro-credentials

The Educators Rising program at Washington High School offers micro-credentials to junior and senior students to refine their skills in “reflective practice.” Since many of the students at Washington High who will enter college to become teachers will be the first in their family to do so, the ability to reflect, plan, and implement change will be of unparalleled value to them.

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Deeper Learning Case Studies

Digital Promise developed a set of 40 micro-credentials aligned to the Hewlett Foundation’s Deeper Learning framework. By earning these micro-credentials, educators can better design experiences that help students develop the skills necessary for success in career and college. These video case studies show these micro-credentials in practice in classrooms across the country.

Deeper Learning through Micro-credentials at Kettle Moraine School District

Kettle Moraine School District, located in Wales, Wisconsin, is committed to cultivating academic excellence, citizenship, and personal development in all their students. Educators at Kettle Moraine School District support the district’s commitment to personalized learning by earning “Deeper Learning” micro-credentials, which support them in empowering their students to think critically and work collaboratively in order to solve real-world problems.

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Written Case Studies

Micro-credentials: Igniting Impact in the Ecosystem

: This publication is a collection of promising stories from our partners who are on their micro-credential implementation journeys. Each story identifies the ways micro-credentials are intervening in various challenges related to linking educator professional learning to positive shifts in effective classroom practice.

Ask an Educator Podcast Series

“Ask an Educator” shines a spotlight on educators across the country who are engaging in micro-credentials. This series will share stories of teachers from different schools, grades, and subject areas to learn about their unique classrooms, challenges, professional learning goals, and how micro-credentials play a role in helping to reach them.

Episode 1: “The Promise of Micro-credentials” – Karen Cator, Digital Promise

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