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Deeper Learning Micro-credentials

Deeper Learning” is an umbrella term for the skills, understandings, and mindsets students must possess to succeed in today’s jobs and civic life. Digital Promise embarked upon a mission to determine how teachers can demonstrate and be recognized for their ability to engage students in Deeper Learning. The result of this effort is a set of 40 micro-credentials, which can be mapped to specific Deeper Learning competencies. They are organized into categories to align with the Deeper Learning strategies that are essential for students to achieve at high levels.

How to Earn a Micro-credential

Micro-credentials recognize educators for the skills and competencies they learn throughout their careers. To earn a micro-credential, educators submit evidence of their competence (e.g. context for a lesson, examples of student work, student and teacher reflections). That evidence is then assessed by experts or peers based on a set of evaluation criteria.

To start earning these Deeper Learning micro-credentials, click on the stack or micro-credential name. All micro-credentials can be found at

Areas of Deeper Learning

Critical Thinking | Creative Thinking & Innovating | Communicating | Collaborating | Learning to Learn | Digital Fluency | Social & Cross-Cultural Interactions | Understandings | Personal Mindsets | Social Mindsets | Managing Projects | Learning Practices

Critical Thinking

Collaborative Problem Solving

Productive Researching

Effective Reasoning

Systems Thinking

Sound Decision-Making

Kind Critiquing

Creative Thinking & Innovating

Idea Generating

Design Thinking & Doing

Creative Problem Solving


Active Listening

Clear Thinking & Writing

Persuasive Presenting


Productive Teamwork

Effective Leadership

Resolving Conflicts

Learning to Learn

Practicing Reflection

Choosing Learning Strategies

Digital Fluency

Analyzing Media Impacts

Choosing Technology Tools

Evaluating Online Info

Social & Cross-Cultural Interactions

Global Cultural Competence

Practicing Open Mindedness


Mapping Concepts

Mapping Facts

Mapping Processes

Personal Mindsets

Growth Mindset

Personal Purpose


Performance Mindsets

Grit & Resilience

Self-Reliance & Autonomy

Social Mindsets

Getting Help & Support

Ethical Behavior

Belonging & Caring

Managing Projects

Making Projects Real

Managing Project Cycles

Learning Practices

Crafting Driving Questions

Evidence-Backed Positions

Designing Effective Solutions

Expressing Personal Perspectives

Seeking Well-Being

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