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Our Approach

Our Approach

Technology offers a tremendous opportunity to support learning in new and different ways. Educators can use technology to teach, motivate, and personalize learning. Entrepreneurs and developers can solve learning challenges and design products that engage and improve student outcomes. Researchers can inform product design and teaching strategies and evolve new research methodologies that produce results, in ways that match the speed of technology.

Digital Promise works at the intersection of education leaders, researchers, and entrepreneurs and developers to improve learning with the power of technology.

We are guided at all times by the following principles:


Networks connect us with people and ideas

Connecting, convening, and working together on shared goals helps move from vision to reality. Our League of Innovative Schools is a national network of forward-thinking K-12 school district superintendents who together solve the challenges facing our schools through innovation and technology. Our Verizon Innovative Learning Schools is a network of 253 low-income middle schools that provide 1:1 mobile devices, connectivity on and off campus, and professional development, to create an environment that prepares students for college and the jobs of the future.


Stories inspire ideas and incent action

Nothing inspires, mobilizes, and builds capacity for change like stories. We continually document the progress of districts, schools, educators, and students toward transforming teaching and learning and expanding opportunity. We share these stories through our blog, social media channels, and traditional media so others can learn from – and be inspired by – these experiences.


Research informs decision-making

Research fuels innovation and continuous improvement. Through our Research Map, we make it easier for developers and educators to access existing research as they create and adopt learning technology solutions. We provide developers and purchasers with tools, data, and studies to ensure an education technology Marketplace with a smart supply of products and smart demand for excellence.


Engagement motivates learning for life

Engaging students with relevant, inspiring and challenging work while in school helps students develop agency in their learning – the power to make choices and take action – for the rest of their lives. For example, we are further developing a problem-solving approach to learning called Challenge-Based Learning. And, we are working with schools and partners to expand Maker Learning opportunities.


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