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League of Innovative Schools

Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools connects and rallies the most forward-thinking leaders of the nation’s school districts.

The Most Innovative Leaders in Education

Launched in 2011, the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools is a national network of school districts that connects and supports the most forward-thinking leaders in education.

By collaborating on shared priorities, League members – including superintendents and district leaders – spearhead innovative learning and leadership practices to achieve equitable outcomes for every student.

Where National Impact Meets Personal Connections

League members represent more than 150 districts in 38 states, and the network has served more than 4.4 million students since its founding. Their diverse experiences reflect the advancements, challenges, and vital work of public education in the United States.

At the same time, the League is a tight-knit community of leaders that is defined by members’ deep relationships and desire for hands-on opportunities to collaborate, connect, and learn.

  • 150

    School Districts
  • 38

  • 4400000

    Students Served

Reimagining the Future of Teaching and Learning

Through their membership, League leaders have access to unique opportunities that allow them to co-create, pilot, and scale innovative practices, apply learnings to their own districts, and identify and promote promising practices to other districts across the country.

Explore the unique benefits that League members can access and the innovative work they are helping to co-create and scale:

Stories of Innovation: Meet Our Districts

From rural Alabama to the Bay Area, League member districts are defined by the cutting-edge educational practices they are implementing across their districts and in their schools every day.

See our districts’ innovations in action.

Improving learning with the power of technology

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