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Stories of Innovation

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From Florida to California, League districts embody what it looks like to constantly seek and adopt the most innovative approaches in education, all in the service of students. When we see, hear, and read our members’ stories, we see this innovation on full display.

Take a look at the incredible innovations that our members are leading.


Digital Transformation in Rural Alabama

Over the past 15 years, Talladega County Schools (Alabama), has undergone a journey of digital transformation, thanks to a district-wide effort led by Superintendent Dr. Suzanne Lacey. From integrating computational thinking across classes and grade levels to making project-based learning (PBL) the norm, Talladega County is equipping its students to tackle real-world challenges in their day-to-day learning. Check out the story of Trenton, a student from Talladega County who, with the help of his STEAM teacher, helped to solve a problem facing a local steel company through technology he was already leveraging in his classroom.

Trauma-informed, Student-led PD in Pennsylvania

Bristol Township School District (Pennsylvania) wanted to better support the mental health of students negatively impacted by experiences and normalization of racism and the lack of its acknowledgement. In partnership with Digital Promise’s Center for Inclusive Innovation and collaborating alongside community-based partner Bristol Cares, the district engaged in the Building Capacity for Inclusive Innovation project to collaboratively address the role racial trauma plays in student mental health – all through the lens of student voice.

A District-wide Approach to Equity Conversations in Ohio

Reynoldsburg City Schools (Ohio) wanted to build a district-wide approach to supporting their teachers and students in discussing racial equity and social justice in the classroom. With support from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Digital Promise’s Center for Inclusive Innovation worked deeply with Reynoldsburg and their community to create an open, scalable professional development model and set of classroom practices, tools, and resources designed to build teacher capacity and competency for engaging students in racial equity and social justice discourse.


League member districts become catalysts for change by partnering with Digital Promise on research pilots and projects to validate and scale up promising League-led innovations across the network and nationwide.

Check out the white papers and reports that feature League districts’ work.


League member districts are defined by the cutting-edge educational practices they are implementing across their districts and in their schools every day.

See our districts’ innovations in action.

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