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Engagement Opportunities

As part of their membership benefits, League of Innovative Schools leaders have access to a variety of professional learning opportunities available through Digital Promise. Each of these opportunities is designed to align with a diverse range of district needs and leaders’ capacity while providing access and exposure to the most innovative practices in teaching and learning.

Learning Collaboratives

Led by superintendents and guided by Digital Promise, learning collaboratives bring together members to tackle shared challenges and priorities. Members choose the learning collaborative they want to participate in based on their needs and interests and have regular touchpoints to engage in peer-to-peer learning, co-create solutions, and share best practices. Participants share actionable insights through presentations, webinars, blog posts, or other channels, inspiring and supporting colleagues across the League and beyond.

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Implementation Cohorts

Implementation cohorts bring together forward-thinking districts from the Global Cities Education Network and the League of Innovative Schools who are facing similar challenges and have a shared commitment to driving sustainable change. Members gain access to cutting-edge tools, expert guidance, and a supportive community to collaboratively design and implement impactful innovations. They may also have the opportunity to learn from global exemplars through domestic or international study tours.

Working Groups

In working groups, League members receive stipends to co-create products and artifacts. Participants leverage their collective expertise and knowledge to address specific education challenges and ensure solutions are responsive to diverse needs. The AI Working Group, for example, engages League members to inform responsible, ethical, and effective acceptable use policies for the integration of generative AI in school districts across the country.

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