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Igniting Innovation, Together

The League of Innovative School’s bi-annual convenings offer distinct yet connected experiences to accelerate member leadership and empower district transformation. Together, these journeys create a powerful cycle of learning, collaboration, and transformation for League leaders and their districts.

Fall Convening: Deep Dive into Innovation

The Fall Convening provides a deep dive into specific innovative practices and the framework to co-create solutions for League members’ unique challenges.

Go beyond theory.

Members immerse themselves in the cutting-edge practices of a host district through deep-dive school visits.

Co-create solutions with purpose.

Members collaborate with fellow leaders and Digital Promise in interactive workshops to tackle challenges and develop actionable plans for their districts.

Build a lifelong support network.

Members forge lasting connections with like-minded educators ready to share knowledge and support their journey throughout the year.

Spring Convening: Connect, Collaborate, Elevate Innovation

The Spring Convening offers a broader stage to share, learn, and connect with the entire education ecosystem, amplifying members’ impact and propelling their transformation forward.

Amplify district impact.

Members share their successes and learn from diverse perspectives as the entire network convenes with Digital Promise partners and leading minds in education.

Discover the future of education.

Members gain insights from researchers, edtech developers, and fellow League members, exploring cutting-edge advancements and innovative approaches.

Fuel transformation.

Through school visits, members translate inspiration into action and leave with practical strategies, resources, and renewed energy to implement lasting change in their schools.

Expand their network.

Members build on the connections they made in the Fall and throughout their League journey and forge new partnerships to amplify their impact further.

Our Past Convenings

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