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Artificial Intelligence in Education

Digital Promise prioritizes a human-centered approach to artificial intelligence in education–working across research, edtech, and practice–to augment learning.

Artificial Intelligence in Education: Our Vision

Digital Promise’s vision for artificial intelligence (AI) in education puts people first:

Safe, equitable, and meaningful AI in education uses emerging technologies to improve education by enhancing how we teach and learn. Grounded in inclusive innovation, Digital Promise pursues AI in education to foster a future where every person engages in sustained and impactful experiences of powerful learning that lead to a life of well-being, fulfillment, and economic mobility.

We observe a race to launch AI tools at scale before agreeing on what problems people want to solve, what values educators must protect, and what goals educational systems should be designed to achieve. Shared vision, values, and goals arise from people working together. Our human-centered approach emphasizes how the increasing capabilities of computers can augment human intelligence, enabling people to engage in teaching and learning experiences more deliberately. Working across research, edtech, and practice, Digital Promise:

  • Builds partnerships among educators, innovators, researchers, and other impacted community members to establish a shared vision of powerful learning in an AI-enabled world
  • Defines core values including anti-racism and anti-bias and finds ways to hold AI-enabled products accountable
  • Engages in research partnerships and hosts research communities to investigate how and whether AI can help us to achieve our goals, and
  • Works with policymakers to safeguard learners’ rights, data privacy, and to ensure equitable opportunities to learn.

Our Projects: Toward Safe, Equitable, and Meaningful AI in Education

Insights and Opportunities

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