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Center for Inclusive Innovation

Digital Promise’s Inclusive Innovation model amplifies voices who have been underrepresented in education innovation to solve community challenges.

Digital Promise’s Center for Inclusive Innovation reimagines education research and development (R&D) by resourcing the creative ingenuity of communities working in partnership with school districts to create equitable powerful learning opportunities for students furthest from opportunity.

Our vision is a world where students who are furthest from opportunity can learn, grow, and thrive as their authentic selves.

Our work is centered on the students who are historically and systematically excluded, including students who are Black, Brown and Indigenous; those experiencing poverty; multilingual learners; and students experiencing learning differences.

Our outcomes are focused on creating the conditions and the capacity for equity-centered R&D that enable districts to collaborate with communities to create bold, innovative, and sustainable solutions.

The foundation for Inclusive Innovation is anchored in a set of core tenets that embody an equity-centered approach to research and development. The tenets define how we deliberately support teams in co-constructing an inclusive R&D culture that enables equitable leadership and contribution.


The work is co-led by stakeholders who are reflective of the diversity of communities and schools to ensure mutual benefit

Co-Research and Design

The education challenges are co-researched and co-designed to address issues the community deems important and build on what is already working within communities and schools

Honor Context

Context and context expertise is prioritized to center the history, culture, and perspectives of those with lived experiences relevant to the education challenge

Center Equity

The solutions are designed to address the systemic inequities that impact students — poverty, race, language, learning differences —and their intersections

Re-Imagine Progress

Progress measures must be multi-dimensional — access, participation and benefit — in recognition of the needs of the whole child

Build Capacity

The process resources communities to sustain the capacity for equity-centered R&D into the future

The Center for Inclusive Innovation builds on 10 years of collaboration with school districts in the League of Innovative Schools and is informed by our Education Innovation Clusters ecosystems initiative with community networks. Over the years, we have engaged school districts, researchers, entrepreneurs, and community-based organizations in addressing local challenges through R&D. As a Digital Promise Center of Excellence, we are building capacity for paradigm-shifting practices and the creation of novel solutions.

We invite you to learn about our work and reach out to discuss opportunities for collaboration!

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