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Data Ready Playbook

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The Data Ready Playbook is designed to support districts with creating an effective interoperable data solution that allows them to identify and address equity gaps.

Understanding Data Equity and Interoperability

Data equity involves applying an equity lens and mindset to the ways in which districts collect, analyze, interpret, communicate, and make decisions based on data, with the goals of acknowledging and addressing historic and systemic bias and building more equitable policies, practices, and systems.

Data equity can’t happen without data interoperability—the seamless, secure, and controlled exchange of data between applications—which provides a holistic view of students.

How can you apply an equity lens and mindset to your data?

Find out how data equity can help you identify and address systematic inequities.

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Using the Data Ready Playbook

The Data Ready Playbook is built upon a Readiness Framework and consists of 10 modules, each including a set of curated activities and resources. As you use the Playbook, you can mark modules as completed, allowing you to see your progress. After completing activities within each module, you can submit artifacts as evidence for satisfying the requirements of a micro-credential. After completing activities for all three domains, you will be ready to implement a successful data interoperability solution for your unique use case using the Playbook’s final outputs: the Data Ready Project Plan and the Data Ready Pitch Deck.

The Readiness Framework

The Readiness Framework serves as the backbone of the Data Ready Playbook. It consists of three readiness domains—Data Governance, Needs Assessment, and Implementation Planning—all of which are critical to successfully implementing data interoperability projects. Each domain is divided into three readiness stages: Awareness, Developing Evidence, and Ready for Interoperability.

The Data Ready Playbook provides activities for each stage and respective domain to help your district advance your readiness. When your district completes the “Ready for Interoperability” stage of all three domains, you will be prepared to implement a successful interoperable solution for your unique use case.

Data Governance
Needs Assessment
Implementation Planning

The Data Governance domain combines aspects of data governance with project management to operationalize a district’s use case.

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Districts build awareness around the responsibility for data accuracy, integrity, and management.

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Developing Evidence

Districts gather data evidence around technical and personnel systems for a specific use case.

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Ready For Interoperability

Districts implement a cross-departmental project governance body that is responsible for operationalizing an interoperable data solution.

How Ready for Data Interoperability Is Your District?

How Ready Is Your District? The best way to understand your district’s readiness for data interoperability is by completing the Readiness Diagnostic. This diagnostic will assess your district’s progress to date using the Readiness Framework and provide a customized learning plan to follow in the Data Ready Playbook. Are you ready to get started?

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