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Achieving Data Interoperability to Benefit Teachers and Students

Take Action.

Join the League of Innovative Schools in the movement to advance data interoperability in public education.

Data Interoperability is the seamless, secure, and controlled exchange of data between applications.

To advance data interoperability in your district:

  • Gain Fluency: Data interoperability is a challenging concept to understand. To learn about the basics:
  • Join the Community: Connect with like-minded people and commit to move data interoperability forward in education at large.
    • Sign the Project Unicorn Pledge: Project Unicorn is an effort to improve data interoperability within K-12 education. The initiative is building a community of innovators who make the broader case for secure interoperability by:
      • Determining shared priorities
      • Working in partnership with school systems and vendors to understand its importance and benefits
      • Creating a demand-side push for interoperability through partnerships, and
      • Educating buyers to consider the total cost of ownership through informed comparison of vendors.

      Project Unicorn does not endorse a specific product or data standard but instead is an educational advocacy initiative dedicated to the secure, controlled interchange of data.

    • Join the Ed-Fi Alliance: The Ed-Fi Alliance is the group of educators, technologists, and thought leaders shaping the future of education technology through the Ed-Fi Data Standard and the ecosystem of Ed-Fi Technologies. As a nonprofit organization fully funded by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, this allows Ed-Fi to take a mission-driven, stable and long-term approach, independent from shifting government priorities.
  • Adopt Standards. Learn more about:
    • Ed-Fi: The Ed-Fi Data Standard is a set of rules that allow (previously disconnected) educational data systems to connect. Any educational technology that’s powered by Ed-Fi—whether a student information system, a rostering tool, assessment software, etc.—can connect with any other.
    • IMS Global: IMS Global is a non-profit member collaborative inventing the future of educational and learning technology. IMS enables a plug & play architecture and ecosystem that provides a foundation on which innovative products can be rapidly deployed and work seamlessly together.
  • Become an Advocate.
    • Share resources with your school board and edtech purchasing department, or anyone tasked with procurement in your district
    • Share these resources on social media
      • Sample Tweets:
        • Our school district is committed to the movement to advance data interoperability in public education. Join us: #DPLIS
        • Learn more about the movement to advance data interoperability in public education: #DPLIS
        • Data interoperability is complicated — and critical. Learn how one district in the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools addressed this problem: #DPLIS
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