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Learning Modules

Progress through the following modules with your district to identify and address data and equity gaps and prepare an effective interoperable data solution that meets your district’s distinct needs, capacity, and context. If you completed the Readiness Diagnostic, your playbook will be individualized based on your district’s progress toward readiness to date and will offer specific module and activity recommendations. Reference the scope and sequence before your district starts its first module to get started.

Courses can be accessed on your mobile device or your desktop. You may wish to follow the designed order of the modules in the course, or you may want to jump around the course only to get what you need to prepare to implement a successful data interoperability solution for your unique use case using the playbook’s final outputs: the Data Ready Project Plan and the Data Ready Pitch Deck.



Setting the Foundation


Data Governance – Awareness


Needs Assessment – Awareness


Needs Assessment – Developing Evidence


Implementation Planning – Awareness


Needs Assessment – Ready for Interoperability


Data Governance – Developing Evidence


Implementation Planning – Developing Evidence


Data Governance – Ready for Interoperability


Implementation Planning – Ready for Interoperability

Key Takeaways

Congratulations on finishing the Playbook. Here are the final takeaway resources.

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