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Emerging Findings from Inclusive Innovation

The Center for Inclusive Innovation has engaged in depth with Core teams from four districts and the communities they serve. The Core teams of seven to 10 members comprise students, family members, teachers, school leaders, district administrators, and other community members who interact with and support youth.

The four community-district teams worked with Digital Promise to pilot the Inclusive Innovation model, and a Digital Promise team conducted cross-project research on five priority topics: the role of context expertise, the role of student voice, capacity building, racial equity, and the nature of outcomes in Inclusive Innovation.

This initial series, Emerging Findings from Inclusive Innovation, presents our learnings from 2021 to 2022. We share ongoing challenges, progress, and lessons based on our experiences with Inclusive Innovation so that as a field, we can generate demand and collectively drive inclusive and community-driven innovation that truly centers and benefits students, families and communities that are most impacted by barriers.

Context Expertise in Inclusive Innovation: Understanding, Integrating, and Building underscores the ways in which Inclusive Innovation participants value context expertise, how context expertise contributed to the Inclusive Innovation process, and ongoing challenges and factors that facilitated and hindered the inclusion of context expertise.

Content Expertise in Inclusive Innovation: Understanding, Integrating, and Building

In Their Own Words: Participants’ Perspectives on Honoring Student Voice takes a nontraditional approach by directly presenting what Inclusive Innovation participants say to illustrate what was most important about their experiences with Inclusive Innovation, the ways in which the model as implemented in each pilot project reflected student voice, and the ways in which we need to improve.

Capacity Building in Communities to Create Equity-Centered Educational Opportunities explores how participants developed mindsets for creating an environment that allows them to be vulnerable in sharing their lived experiences, to consider the perspectives of others, and to engage in co-leadership with one another. This paper also explores the knowledge, skills, and abilities for co-research and co-design that participants developed through their engagement in the Inclusive Innovation model.

Fostering Racial Equity through Inclusive Innovation discusses how participants conceived of racial equity in the Inclusive Innovation process, how racial equity surfaced in Inclusive Innovation in both the process and potential solutions, and the context expertise participants drew on in their experiences to integrate equity in Inclusive Innovation.

Using Inclusive Innovation to Create Equity-Centered Outcomes focuses on the outcomes determined by community-district teams engaged in the Inclusive Innovation pilot projects and examines the extent to which the outcomes consider those with lived experiences with the challenge, teacher perspectives, and priority students’ needs, and how these outcomes align to specific district strategies and improvement plans.

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