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Breaking With the Past: Embracing Digital Transformation in Education

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We need digital transformation of teaching and learning at scale across the United States.

Digital transformation can pull K-12 education into new learner-centered constructs that accelerate learning, address historic inequities, and help close historic learning gaps. Moreover, it will ensure that schools are prepared the next time a natural disaster or health crisis disrupts in-person learning.

Digital Promise’s belief that digital transformation must be the rule and not the exception across the country is the animating force for our new report, “Breaking With the Past: Embracing Digital Transformation in Education.” It looks forward to the future when we will have harnessed the power of technology in a coherent and scaffolded way to solve longstanding challenges created by the traditional approach to education, including its inability to deliver equitable opportunities and outcomes generation after generation.

Our learners can’t wait for many more tomorrows to come and go without a broad national commitment to breaking the century-old framework for education and replacing it with frameworks that are more learner-centered, personalized, and effective. Digital technologies applied skillfully to teaching and learning might deliver on that possibility at long last.

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Brizard, J.‐C., (2023, April). Breaking with the past: Embracing digital transformation in education. Digital Promise.

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