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Learner Variability Project

At Digital Promise Global, the Learner Variability Project (LVP) initiative seeks to build on emerging research on learner variability and uncover strategies to meet learners where they are across varied contexts and needs.

Building relationships by understanding each student’s variability in the content areas of their courses, their cognitive development, social emotional capacities, and their background, is essential for learning to occur. Our Learner Variability Navigator is a whole child framework and puts research to work for practitioners and edtech product developers.

What Is Important For Us

While our Learner Models focus on understanding the variability of each student, we realize that “there is no such thing as a developing child independent of context”. (Pamela Cantor)

Through our reports, webinars, and partnerships, we highlight the impact that context can have on each learner. With intentionality, we view our work through an equity lens, ensuring that students who historically have been marginalized in school and society have their unique needs met and are celebrated for who they are, what they do, and their potential as global citizens.


Explore how we collaborate with educators, edtech developers, and our partners to elevate and address the unique needs of each learner through the Learner Variability Navigator and our various reports, case studies, blogs, and videos.

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