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One of our goals for the LVP is to provide edtech developers with easy access to learning sciences research, so they can design products to best support the variability of each learner. 

Edtech developers can apply for our RFPs and do a self-audit of existing features in their products using our new Product Assessment Tool. Many opportunities exist to showcase ways in which the LVP team has coordinated with edtech developers to include features designed to include the whole child and adult learners to identify strengths and meet their individual needs.

The growth in learner variability in today’s classrooms is staggering: learners who come to school hungry, those who must map out safe paths to walk from home to school, and students who are bored because traditional methods of instruction do not engage them or meet their needs. Yet, we need to reach every learner in every classroom to help each meet their potential as they move through school and beyond.

Through our RFP process, we provide edtech products grants to develop increased research-based supports that address the variability in all learners. Below are some of our grant recipients. Please click here to learn about our new RFP for literacy products for fourth to sixth grades.

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