LVP Advisory Board - Digital Promise

LVP Advisory Board

  • Dylan Arena, Co-founder and Chief Learning Scientist, Kidaptive
  • Baron Davis, Superintendent, Richland School District Two
  • Maya Gat, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Branching Minds
  • Mike Ghilani, Superintendent of West Jefferson Hills School District
  • Michael B. Horn, Co-Founder and Distinguished Fellow, Clayton Christensen Institute
  • Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Professor of Psychology, Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California
  • Alan Louie, Investor and Founder, TextGenome
  • Bruce McCandliss, Professor, Stanford University Graduate School of Education
  • Erin Mote, Co-Founder and Executive Director, InnovateEDU; Co-Founder, Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School
  • Todd Rose, Lecturer on Education and Director of the Mind, Brain, and Education Program, Harvard University; Co-Founder, The Center for Individual Opportunity
  • Tom Vander Ark, Chief Executive Officer, Getting Smart
  • Kelisa Wing, Professional Development Specialist, Author, and 2017 State Teacher of the Year

With special thanks to the support from

  • Dr. James Basham, Associate Professor, University of Kansas; Co-founder, UDL-IRN
  • Steve Nordmark, Chief Development Officer, UDL-IRN
  • Mike Smith, Former Dean, Stanford University Graduate School of Education; Former Under Secretary, U.S. Department of Education
  • Dr. Jutta Treviranus, Full Professor, Ontario College of Art and Design University



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