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How to Make a Workspace

Watch this video on how to make a workspace OR follow the steps below: 

  • Identify an upcoming lesson or topic that you’d like to adapt to address the learner variability needs in your classroom. Decide if you want to focus on 1 student or a group of students.
  • Log in to the learning needs explorer. (Your email will only be used to set up an account to save your workspace.)
    • Choose a learner model that most closely matches what you teach. If you teach in another content area, choose a literacy model aligned to your grade level.
  • Explore the factor map
    • Hover over different factors to see how they are connected.
    • Click on a factor to see the definition and more information about how it is connected.
    • Select factors that you want to address, which can be either strengths or challenges, in an upcoming lesson by toggling the button.
    • We recommend selecting a minimum of 3 factors to get the full benefits of the LVN.
  • The tool will recommend additional factors that are highly connected to your chosen factors. You can choose to add some of them, or click “Next” to skip this step.
  • Now you will see suggested strategies that address your chosen factors. They appear in a prioritized order, so strategies that improve or support all of your factors will be listed in the first group.
    • You can explore each strategy by clicking on it to read more. To access the full strategy page, which includes videos and additional resource links, click “Learn more.” From a strategy page, you can click the “Back” button on your browser to get back to your filtered strategy list.
  • Select 2-3 strategies that you’d like to try in an upcoming lesson by clicking on the plus sign to add them to your workspace.  You can select as many strategies as you like depending on the purpose of your workspace.
  • Click “explore selections in workspace.” You can click on the pencil icon to edit your workspace.
    • Retitle your workspace to fit your needs and make it easily identifiable.
    • Add a brief explanation in the “Add workspace notes” section, describing why you chose these factors and strategies.
    • Please be mindful of student data privacy and do not include full names or personal information.
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