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Developing Edtech Products to Support Learner Variability

February 14, 2019 | By

Each learner presents a unique reservoir of skills and challenges that can change among subjects and situations, throughout the day and year. Our goal with the Learner Variability Project (LVP) is to help educators support each of these individual learners—a task that we know is enormous, if not impossible, for a teacher to do alone.

So, we are working with edtech product partners to help create research-based supports for teachers to turn to as they tackle this formidable challenge. Below are our product partners—developers committed to founding their product development in the research behind why and how learners vary.

Creating edtech products to help teachers support individual learners

Read on to learn about how each of our partners is working to help teachers support the whole child.


eSpark is working with us on a study of the impact of emotion on learning to understand more deeply how a student’s whole self affects their learning outcomes.


i-LEADR is designing an integration of our LVP Navigator into their RtI: Stored product to help teachers deepen their understanding of learner variability so they can develop the best individual plan for each learner.

Imagine Learning

Our partnership with Imagine Learning is focused on their Blueprint product and integrating math talk, a critical strategy for developing a deep conceptual understanding of and confidence in math.

Learning Ovations

With Learning Ovations, we have provided fresh eyes on their A2i student assessments as they focus on how design and consistency of assessments can support each learner in doing their best.


The Lexia Core5 Reading team has partnered with us to highlight key research areas to inform their product roadmap. They are committed to helping all members of the product team, from content designers to engineers, more deeply understand the research behind learner variability.


We provided Newsela with the latest social and emotional learning (SEL) research and strategies to support SEL. They launched their new SEL Collections in the fall of 2018.


We worked with ReadWorks on their goal to provide more support to readers who struggle by adding personalizable features such as a guided reading strip, text sizing, and split screen.

Speak Agent

We have been supporting Speak Agent in integrating research-based multimodal learning strategies, such as collaborative writing and voice recording for practicing reading aloud, to help all learners master academic language.


Wisewire product teams have been using the LVP Navigator as their go-to research resource. Using LVP for how to describe a learning outcome or strategy has meant that, even with different writers, Wisewire’s units have consistency for teachers.


We are supporting Zyrobotics in their cutting edge development of speech recognition tools for young readers to receive real-time feedback as additional support in these critical early years.

If you want to deepen supports for learner variability in your product, and help bring equity to the classroom by considering the full diversity of each student, our Product Explorer tool is a great place to start. Creative literacy product developers are also invited to apply to our open RFP.

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