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Celebrating World Oceans Day with a 360° View of the Surfrider Foundation

June 3, 2019 | By

Each year on June 8, aquariums, research organizations, NGOs, governments, and communities around the world mobilize for World Oceans Day to raise awareness about the critical role that oceans play in our biosphere.

Students raise awareness of ocean pollution with 360° film

This year, in celebration of World Oceans Day, we’re sharing a story from students at Menlo Atherton High School in Atherton, California. “Beach Warriors,” screened at the SDG Global Festival of Action in Bonn, Germany last month as part of the second MY World 360° playlist, features the work of the Surfrider Foundation, an organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans. Watch the film below:


Through participating in their school’s Surfrider Foundation beach cleanups, the “Beach Warriors” filmmakers discovered what a huge problem trash is on their local coastline and how easily one could collect “buckets full of trash” in a single hour. Students observed, “When you look at a beach at a glance, it looks like it is relatively clean, with just a piece of trash here or there, but when you put all that trash along the beach together, it really adds up.”

The filmmakers also made discoveries about 360° filmmaking. Their advice to others just starting out? “Think in 360°. If you want your scenes to be impactful, you have to think about every angle, and where the audience might look.”

Ultimately, the Beach Warriors team want viewers to look more closely at the beauty in the world around them and be compelled to protect their environment. As they put it, “You can throw out as many statistics as you want about our oceans and pollution, but none of it really matters if people don’t have motivation to take action.”

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