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New Micro-credentials Focus on Timely Topics for Distance Learning

November 23, 2020 | By

Micro-credentials allow educators to continue their professional learning on their own schedule, without having to leave their homes. This flexibility makes micro-credentials an ideal form of professional learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our research-backed micro-credentials are digital certifications that verify an individual’s competence in a specific skill or set of skills, regardless of where and how they learned them. As part of our robust micro-credential ecosystem, we proudly partner with organizations to provide opportunities for on-demand, personalized professional learning.

Many of the micro-credentials we launched this fall focus on topics especially relevant during the pandemic, such as digital fluency and transitioning to distance and hybrid learning.

Micro-credentials launched this fall

Digital Promise & Verizon Innovative Learning Schools
This fall, three stacks of micro-credentials were launched centering on the shift to distance learning, instructional technology coaching, and digital fluency. Schools and districts looking to support their educators or individual educators looking for streamlined resources to improve on their instructional technology coaching skills, evaluate and choose technology tools, and thoughtfully transition to digital learning can utilize these stacks to support digital learning. These micro-credentials are aligned with free Teacher Training Pathways.

Global Education Exchange Opportunities (GEEO)
In partnership with Digital Promise and the Puerto Rico Department of Education, GEEO has launched an innovative research project focused on teacher use of technology and sustainable instructional coaching for professional learning, which supports competency-based professional learning through more than 20 Spanish-language micro-credentials.*

Digital Promise Product Certification
Digital Promise has developed product certifications to provide education stakeholders with signals about the quality of research used to design products. For our second product certification focused on learner variability, the product team publicly shares how the product’s design supports variation among learners.

COVID-19 and Micro-credentials

As some schools move forward with hybrid models and others remain closed, Digital Promise continues to update our resources and exemplars for schools and families during the pandemic, including our Micro-credentials COVID-19 Library, which is a curated list of micro-credentials that can be earned without student work or face-to-face interaction, and also those that focus on relevant topics during the pandemic. Use the Micro-credential Explorer to find the right micro-credentials for you, and begin earning micro-credentials today.

If you are interested in developing your own micro-credentials, contact us.

*Denotes a privately hosted micro-credential stack.
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