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New Social Media Micro-credentials Support Social Mobility for Adult Learners

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In the quickly shifting workforce, digital skills have become fundamental for social mobility. Though an estimated one-third of US workers across industries and occupations would benefit from developing digital skills—particularly among workers of color—fewer than 10 percent of people who need digital skills training and support are able to access education services due to longstanding systemic inequities.

Digital Promise’s Adult Learning initiative works to expand equitable access to the digital skills, tools, and credentials that people need to succeed in today’s changing economy. In 2017, we partnered with Facebook (now Meta) to design four training modules and micro-credentials in social media marketing. Over the course of the partnership, Digital Promise collaborated with 39 organizations across the country to train 3,000 adult learners. In an effort to continue supporting learners in building digital skills, Digital Promise’s Social Media Marketing Training Modules and micro-credentials are now publicly available and free for adult learning providers and learners to use.

The Social Media Marketing with Facebook Micro-credentials training is organized into four modules that take learners through the skills they will need to apply basic social media marketing for an organization or business using Facebook and Instagram. Each learning module is designed to be short, hands-on, and practical, with the aim of developing the knowledge and skills needed for learners to create awareness, drive traffic, and/or attract customers, and create social media marketing campaigns. The four modules are:

  • Module 1: Social Media Marketing Basics
  • Module 2: Marketing with Facebook Pages
  • Module 3: Marketing with Facebook Ads
  • Module 4: Marketing with Instagram

Each module has an aligned micro-credential that learners can earn to verify their skills and signal to employers that they possess these important digital skills. Once learners earn a micro-credential, they can display it as a digital badge on LinkedIn, Facebook, and their resume.

The training modules support facilitators by providing key resources, including comprehensive module workbooks, worksheets, and other resources (available in bothEnglish and Spanish). The training is designed to be completed over the course of four weeks, however, facilitators may pace and/or adapt the course modules and lessons to meet the needs of their learning community. Through these training modules and micro-credentials, we hope that a wider diversity of learners may begin to unlock more opportunities and possibilities with these digital skills.

Check out our overview page to find out more information and to get started today!

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