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Beyond the Summit: The Relaunch of the Powerful Learning Coach Community

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In the current and ever-evolving world of education, the need for continuous professional learning and a supportive community of like-minded educators has never been greater. Recognizing this need, Digital Promise has relaunched the “Powerful Learning Coach Community,” an online community where educators can connect, share experiences, and learn together. The heart of this revitalized community is a new LinkedIn group that commits to being the go-to virtual space for educators looking to enhance their skills, exchange ideas, and build lasting connections. Starian Porchia, the learning experience designer who is spearheading the Powerful Learning Coach Community, shared, “Instructional coaching looks different in every country, state, and school district, so we want to create a space where educators who believe in the power of coaching can exchange ideas, ask questions, and engage in professional learning throughout the year that meets a variety of needs and interests.”

Global Educator Community

This reimagining of the Powerful Learning Coach Community was recently celebrated during the much-anticipated “Powerful Coaching Virtual Summit,” a free online event attended by over 200 educators representing nearly 20 countries from around the world. The summit not only marked the unveiling of the new community hub, but also provided a platform for educators to dive deep into discussions about modern coaching practices, effective learning strategies, and the ever-changing landscape of education.

Summit for Modern Coaching

The summit kicked off with an engaging networking event, bringing together 40 educators who set the tone for the day’s collaboration and camaraderie. That excitement immediately carried over into the official agenda for the day, beginning with Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad’s keynote presentation, “Unleash the Power of Your Coaching with the Connectome.” Exploring the fascinating world of neural connections and how they apply to coaching, Dr. Lang-Raad dove into six key pathways that are essential for successful coaching: sincerity, confidence, culture, communication, emotional intelligence, and leadership. Dr. Lang-Raad stated, “The essence of coaching is not just in the methods we use, but in the genuine connections we form. When we merge the power of community with impactful coaching, we unlock an unparalleled potential to uplift, inspire, and drive change. The summit was a testament to that belief, and I was honored to be part of such a transformative event.”

Following the keynote, participants delved into breakout sessions, each focusing on key themes relevant to modern coaching. From understanding adult learning principles to creating a thriving edtech coaching community, the topics catered to a wide spectrum of professional interests. The sessions explored essential areas like addressing learner variability, supporting new educators embarking on their teaching journeys, and crucially, strategies to prevent burnout—a pervasive concern and reality in the teaching profession.

As an incredible bookend to the virtual event, Victoria Thompson from Microsoft and Jason Green, CEO and co-founder of The Learning Innovation Catalyst (LINC), moderated the captivating panel discussion, “Power of Instructional Coaching for Organizational Change,” featuring instructional coaching thought leaders Tameka Cooper, Renee Dawson, Anni Kumar, Liz Schultz, and Nicole Zumpano. The panel conversation shed light on the transformative potential of instructional coaching, underscoring not only coaching’s impact on individual educators, but also its ability to catalyze broader organizational shifts, aligning with modern educational goals and methodologies. Victoria went on to explain, “I was honored to moderate this panel and be in the presence of so many accomplished and innovative educators! The pathways, strategies, and insights they shared with regard to making instructional coaching an impactful practice were fantastic, and it was clear that all panelists have made a conscious effort to ensure that the role of an instructional coach is a critical part of the school environment.”

With the summit’s end, the focus now shifts to the newly revamped Powerful Learning Coach Community hub on LinkedIn. Jen Loescher, senior powerful coaching manager, stated, “This new hub seeks to empower educators through the synergy of knowledge and community, enriching the narrative of instructional coaching, where our growth becomes a shared journey.” In this online group, educators can engage in meaningful conversations, share their triumphs and challenges, discover new opportunities, and collectively contribute to the growth of the instructional coaching community.

Transformative Coaching Impact

Starian Porchia shared, “This community isn’t just for instructional coaches in the K-12 space, it’s for aspiring coaches, department chairs, curriculum specialists, coordinators, directors, industry and higher education professional learning specialists…ultimately, this community is open globally to any educator who teaches other educators and believes in the transformative power of coaching.” To complement the peer-to-peer work happening within the Powerful Learning Coach Community, Digital Promise will also coordinate additional professional learning experiences based on the community’s needs and wants. Pamela Booth, powerful coaching manager, shared what she’s looking forward to building through this community: “I am thrilled to be a part of this collective as we intentionally curate professional learning where educators can share their expertise and visions in order to further equip and cultivate this growing community.”

If you’re an educator looking to join this empowering journey of growth and learning, we invite you to be a part of the Powerful Learning Coach Community on LinkedIn. Join us in shaping the future of instructional coaching and education.

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