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Digital Promise Powerful Learning Community for Coaches

Now more than ever, educators need support from their communities. That’s why Digital Promise is launching a new professional learning community (PLC) for coaches—an online PLC designed for those who guide teachers in delivering academic instruction and building relationship-based classrooms to meet students’ needs. Full- and part-time, new and veteran coaches are welcome!

The Digital Promise PLC for Coaches brings together optimistic educators who are passionate about supporting teachers, who in turn create powerful learning experiences for students.

Coaches participating in the PLC will collaborate to share expertise, remove barriers to success, and implement strategies to support educators’ use of technology for student learning.1 We know coaches are an integral part of any school community—they are connectors, organizers, and leaders.

By joining the Digital Promise Powerful Learning Community for Coaches, you will:

  • Expand your coaching skills
  • Learn strategies for virtual coaching during COVID-19 school closures
  • Build your professional network
  • Mentor and support other coaches
  • Share your strategies and experiences on a national platform
  • Engage in opportunities driven by community members

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Meet the Coach Community Managers

Digital Promise Powerful Learning Coach Community

Senior Powerful Coaching Manager, Community Engagement

Jen Loescher has worked within the Clark County School District since 1999. In 2018, she joined the Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program team as a Math Coach and Trainer and is currently an Executive Senior Policy Fellow with Teach Plus Nevada. From 2009-2018, she served at Sedway Middle School as a Strategist (Math Focus) and Data Coordinator. Jen has also taught 6th grade math for eight years and 2nd grade for one year. She is an alumnus of the Public Education Foundation’s Teacher Leadership Academy, the Tuva Fellowship, the inaugural Nevada Teach Plus Fellowship, and was on the 2022 Digital Promise Learner Variability Navigator Practitioner Advisory Board. Jen believes the power of effective instructional coaching has an exponential impact on student outcomes.

Digital Promise Publication: Every Instructional Coach Deserves an Effective Coach
Connect: @jen_loescher and LinkedIn

Jen Loescher

Powerful Coaching Manager, Community Learning

Pamela Booth is an Indigenous educator who currently teaches middle school within the Merrimack Valley area of Massachusetts. In her current role, she teaches and actively advocates for multilingual learners while also coaching colleagues in culturally-competent instruction. In previous years, she has taught secondary English, provided both individual and team-focused instructional coaching, and she continues to facilitate a cross-curricular network of colleagues in her effort to learn and grow as an educator. Pamela holds the idea that promoting inclusive and collaborative spaces is imperative in shaping the learning culture of an educational community.

Connect: @TeacherMrsBooth and LinkedIn

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