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Digital Promise launched the Dynamic Learning Project (DLP) with the goal to increase educational equity and powerful use of technology through instructional coaching. Working with 50 schools in 20 school districts across five states—Alabama, California, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas—we gave each school a grant to support an onsite, full-time instructional technology coach (DLP coach) for one year starting in the fall of 2017.

We believe in the power of educators. Technology is just a tool; it can only be transformative when it’s in the hands of an educator who uses it to create meaningful experiences for students.
Liz Anderson
Head of Social Impact Programs at Google for Education

Throughout the year, DLP coaches provided individualized support to teachers to help them select, tackle, and then reflect upon solving a classroom challenge(s). The school-based coaches, as well as each school’s principal, received sustained mentoring and ongoing professional development throughout the year.

  • Our findings from the pilot year of the DLP suggest instructional technology coaching is a promising approach to help close the digital use divide, and ultimately improve student learning.
  • After the first year of the DLP, principals, teachers, coaches, and students are more engaged, more collaborative, and well on their way to experiencing a fundamental culture shift in their schools.
  • Early research findings suggest the DLP is changing school culture through instructional coaching, revealing a critical lever in closing digital divides.

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