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Unveiling Edcamp’s Essence: A Deep Dive into the Five Core Tenets

April 15, 2024 | By

The vibrant energy that filled the cafeteria of the nearby school building was palpable as I entered my first Edcamp experience more than 10 years ago as a secondary science teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unlike other professional learning events I’d attended, this one felt different – collegial, collaborative, and welcoming. The sheer number of fellow educators from across the district, all gathered in anticipation of a day of shared learning, was a testament to the unique spirit of Edcamp.

The Edcamp Community supports educators to organize and participate in powerful professional learning designed by and for educators. Edcamps are free, public events that leverage the knowledge and experiences of attendees by allowing educators to collaboratively determine topics for discussion on the day of the event. Educators facilitate sessions by using their experiences to drive conversations with their peers. Educators are encouraged to find Edcamp sessions that best meet their needs to maximize learning.

As I delved into the experience, the five core tenets of Edcamp became abundantly clear.

Free and Open to All

Edcamp is unlike traditional conferences, often burdened with hefty registration fees. This Edcamp, like all others, was entirely free, enabling educators from all backgrounds, regardless of their roles, subjects, or school budgets, to participate.

Engaging in conversations with educators working in different schools and districts with unique experiences and expertise, I realized the true strength of professional learning lies in the collective knowledge of a diverse community. Edcamp’s commitment to being free, open, and accessible to all underscores the belief that everyone has a valuable contribution to the ever-evolving landscape of education.

Participant Driven

The very essence of Edcamp lies in the power vested in its attendees to shape the day’s agenda. Instead of a predetermined schedule, the educators in attendance collaboratively create the session board. Seeing the ideas I posted on the session board come to fruition made me feel empowered and gave me a greater sense of ownership and investment in the learning experience.

The collaborative spirit that emerges from collectively determining session topics transforms passive attendees into active contributors, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas that is responsive to the needs of attendees.

Experience, Not Experts

Edcamp disrupts the conventional notion of expert-led professional learning experiences, emphasizing open conversations rather than rehearsed presentations. As an educator, this tenet resonated deeply with me. As a participant, I could genuinely connect with others over shared experiences and openly discuss the realities of teaching. This level of authenticity led to productive, collective problem-solving and knowledge and resource-sharing.

Rule of Two Feet

The Rule of Two Feet serves as the compass that guides Edcamp attendees on their learning journey. If a session isn’t meeting their needs, participants are encouraged and empowered to move on and explore other sessions and discussions that align with their professional goals.

I found this tenet liberating, empowering me to make decisions supporting my unique professional learning needs and goals as an educator and a professional.

Vendor Free

Edcamp is a sanctuary free from the commercial buzz that often infiltrates traditional conferences. Vendors are not invited, and the focus remains firmly on the exchange of ideas among educators.

Edcamp Community: Powered by Collective Efforts

Since attending my first Edcamp, I have never looked back; I have continued to attend and organize Edcamps to further my professional learning, make genuine connections, and ensure other educators can experience the power of these tenets. Edcamp is not just an event; it is a community of educators dedicated to the art of teaching and learning, and it is a testament to the belief that the true power of education lies in the collective efforts of dedicated educators.

Throughout the school year, educators have ample opportunities around the country to experience Edcamp for themselves. With their innovative professional development approach, Edcamps empowers educators to take control of their learning.

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