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Reflecting on the Adventure: Recap of Edcamp XP: Games in Education

EdcampXP Games in Education

April 22, 2024 | By

The virtual halls of Edcamp XP: Games in Education may have quieted down, but the echoes of learning, collaboration, and adventure still resound. From the moment attendees logged into the dynamic virtual platform on Gather, the excitement was palpable. Avatars adorned with personalized costumes and accessories milled around the convention space, exploring themed rooms, zooming around on go-karts, interacting with student-created games in the arcade, and engaging in lively conversations. The spirit of adventure was alive and well as participants from across the country gathered to dive into the world of games and education.

Picture of an 8 bit style room with a stage with the logos Edcamp XP, Digital Promise, and Games for Change. Avatars sit in chairs facing the stage.

Participants gather at the Main Stage for Edcamp XP to learn about the agenda and games waiting for them.

Digital Promise and the G4C team from Games for Change came together in a partnership to design and present the first-ever virtual Edcamp XP: Games in Education on Saturday, April 13, 2024. At the heart of Edcamp XP was the unconference model, empowering attendees to shape the agenda and drive discussions based on their interests and experiences. This participant-driven approach fostered a sense of ownership and collaboration, ensuring that every voice was heard and valued.

Participants submitted topics ahead of the event through a Padlet which included topics such as:

  • Games and Life Skills
  • Creating and Using Useful Games for K-12
  • Student Game Design and Development
  • AI and Game Design

One of the defining features of Edcamp XP was its emphasis on community and connection. Throughout the event, attendees had the opportunity to connect with fellow educators, share insights and best practices, and forge new friendships. The virtual networking lounges buzzed with energy as participants swapped stories, exchanged ideas, and found inspiration in each other’s experiences. Becky Darling, a junior high math teacher from Clarke N. Johnson Jr. High, shared a key takeaway from the event, “I love being with like-minded educators. I was able to find some new tools to help engage my students in meaningful ways. Edcamps are absolutely the best! I can’t wait for the next one.”

Bingo game card with 8 bit game themed icons and challenges related to networking with Edcamp XP attendees

The Edcamp XP Bingo game encouraged participants to network and make connections.

The event included its own built-in games through the Edcamp XP Challenge using digital tools to engage the participants with each other and to interact with the virtual environment of the conference, providing them with networking opportunities and contact information for future collaboration. The arcade featured a large collection of popular games attendees could play together such as Battle Tetris, as well as a curated assortment of student-designed games from Games for Change’s 2023 G4C Student Challenge. Many participants enjoyed testing out the race track and using their go-karts to zoom around the space from session to session.

Perhaps the most profound takeaway from Edcamp XP was the transformative potential of games in education. Whether chatting in the Zen Garden about potential lesson plans for incorporating tabletop games or discussing the potential of AI in game design in the Moon Pond, session after session, attendees explored the myriad ways in which games can engage students, foster creativity, and unlock learning opportunities.

8 bit virtual lounge with two webcam screens stacked on top of each other showing the participants Nick Schiner and Kristyn smiling and giving a thumbs up

Program manager of K-12 education at Kristyn Palazzolo and Digital Promise’s Director of Peer to Peer Professional Learning Communities Nick Schiner catch up in the Edcamp XP virtual lounge.

The conversation has continued after the event with the launch of the Edcamp XP: Games in Education LinkedIn networking group. This group provides a platform for attendees to continue sharing ideas, resources, and best practices, further extending the community and collaboration that began at Edcamp XP.

Edcamp XP: Games in Education was not just a conference; it was an unforgettable journey into the transformative power of games in education. As attendees return to their classrooms and communities, they carry with them new insights, inspiration, and connections that will continue to shape their teaching and learning for years to come.

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