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Announcing the 2024 YouthMADE Festival Amplify Grant Recipients

May 21, 2024 | By

About the YouthMADE Festival Amplify Grant

Today, we are thrilled to announce the 10 grantees selected for a 2024 YouthMADE Festival Amplify Grant.

The YouthMADE Festival Amplify Grant is part of the 2024 YouthMADE Festival, a global celebration of youth creativity and innovation from May 6-19. The Amplify Grant, generously sponsored by Ciena, invites students participating in the YouthMADE Festival to apply for grants of $500 to expand or amplify their projects.

A panel of high school students and Digital Promise staff reviewed and scored 61 applications. With nearly half of all applications scoring at least 10 out of 12 points, this applicant pool was particularly competitive and demonstrated the brilliance of student creators and changemakers worldwide.

Congratulations to the 10 recipients of the 2024 YouthMADE Amplify Grant for their stellar applications and meaningful projects in their communities.

Announcing the 2024 Grantees


Name: João Pedro S.
Location: Alcobaça, Bahia
Project: Skarn

“[Skarn’s] primary aim is to transform the perception of subjects often deemed difficult, abstract, and incomprehensible. This platform will provide free access to enjoyable, innovative, and effective learning resources, whether for individual education or for instructing others.” – João Pedro S.


Name: Payal M.
Location: Indora, Kangra
Project: Bag for Women’s Safety

“[The bag is] a comprehensive safety solution designed to empower women when they are alone and in vulnerable situations. Equipped with a low-cost alarm system, GPS, and spy camera, this innovative bag provides peace of mind and enhanced security for women on the go. Whether navigating unfamiliar environments or facing potential threats, the bag offers immediate assistance and ensures that help is just a click away.” – Payal M.


Names: Daniela G. and Camille S.
Project: Bee-Mitey
Location: Luxembourg City

“Bee-Mitey is a sustainable solar powered, mite density detecting robot. Honey bees are on the verge of becoming endangered, and one reason is because of the Varroa mite. This robot, using blob detection sensors, detects the density of mites in the beehive. It informs the beekeeper through an NFC chip, and without disturbing the bees at all. It informs them of the density, and if at the threshold number (number of mites per colony where pesticides can be applied to treat infestation), they can then treat the infestation with pesticides.”


Names: Ara Billa B., Ahmad F., Ali C., John M., Marius Q., Hasmeddy
Project: First To Fix
Location: Keningau, Sabah

“This project is a community service run by a group of construction technology students in the rural area of Sabah, a Malaysian island state, where we will use our skills and access to resources to help low-income households with dilapidated or poorly-equipped houses to receive free-of-charge refurbishing and restoration work.” – Ara Billa B.


Names: Ebeneezer Anyadiegwu, submitted on behalf of students Peter O., Samuel E., Akinremi K., and Raphael O.
Project: Household Appliances Innovation Powered By Solar
Location: Odeda, Abeokuta, Ogun State

“The project involves the development and implementation of solar-powered household appliances, including standing fans, rechargeable bulbs, torches, lanterns, vegetable blenders and so on. These appliances are innovatively crafted using locally discarded materials, showcasing the students’ resourcefulness and creativity.” – Ebeneezer Anyadiegwu

Names: Miracle M. Jahswill K. Goodness E. Mary A. Ugochi M.
Project: Recycling for Sustainability
Location: Lagos

“My team and I began recycling for sustainability by transforming littered trash into useful items like solar-powered lanterns, toys, and fans, which our community now benefits from. However, we wanted to create something impactful for both our community and society as a whole. We developed prototypes for a sustainable city where everything operates on solar power—a solar-powered ship for water transportation, and a large solar-powered airplane. These prototypes were designed with the idea that companies producing such products could incorporate sustainability into their offerings. The Recycling for Sustainability project has provided us with a deeper understanding of sustainability and how we can all contribute to a sustainable environment.” – Miracle M.

Name: Adam A., Aliyu G., Muhammad K., Adamu M., Yunusa B., Hajara M.
Project: Empowering Futures Project
Location: Damaturu, Yobe State

“We are deeply committed to enhancing educational opportunities and addressing the challenges faced by students in boarding schools within the Damaturu community in Yobe State, Nigeria.” – Adam A.

United States

Names: Aadhira A., Tiago B., Moukthika C.
Project: Everglades Explorers
Location: Plantation, Florida

“Our project is about protecting our precious local resource: The Everglades. The Everglades is a vast wetland ecosystem located in Florida, known for its benefits, including serving as a natural water filter, providing a habitat for unique animals and plants, and offering opportunities for outdoor adventures.” – Aadhira A.

Names: Alex L. and Everlast C.
Project: Animated Short Film
Location: Columbia, South Carolina

“Our project is about a young adult named Jay who is trying to come to terms with his father’s absence. He left his son a guitar pick and Jay uses it in his performance that he does with his band made up of his friends.” – Everlast C.

Names: D’Juan Hych (submitted on behalf of students)
Project: STAAR Flex
Location: Houston, Texas

“During the testing season, students were eager to create a song and video centered around STAAR, aiming to inspire their peers to strive for success on the test. Collaborating during ELA class, they drew upon the strategies they had learned throughout the school year to develop a storyboard for the video. Inspired by Drake’s popular track ‘Rich Flex,’ the idea for “STAAR Flex” emerged due to its infectious catchiness.” – D’Juan Hych

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