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iSchool in Sierra Leone

July 20, 2017 | By

Lumbiwe ‘Lulu’ Limbikani and Regina Fallah-Hausman’s collaboration developed out of their shared mission to bring quality education to primary schools across the African continent. Lulu, who works at iSchool in Zambia, and Regina, who founded A Place to Grow Educational Centre in Sierra Leone, partnered to conduct a one-year pilot project integrating the iSchool educational tablets in Sierra Leonean primary schools.

In tandem with introducing the iSchool tablets to students, their project trains teachers on interactive, inquiry-based teaching, as well as on learning methodologies that support the project implementation. Ultimately, the project aims to increase the number of students using 21st technology to receive a quality education and to create a “culture of success,” where students feel engaged and proactive about learning.

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