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Building Growth Mindset in Vermont

Fletcher Elementary School

November 22, 2016 | By

Students in the Learning Studio at Fletcher Elementary School in Cambridge, Vermont don’t stop when they hit a challenge.  For them, failures are a way to learn, redesign and move forward.

As educator Jasmine Tremblay explains, “Each project is aimed at introducing a new element of technology. Students have begun by designing two-dimensional objects, building models, and then scanning the models using the three-dimensional scanner to create computer-generated images that can be rotated, analyzed and used to troubleshoot and improve design flaws. Most recently, classes have created origami structures and cookie cutters. Students have been able to print their finished product using the three-dimensional printer. We work hard to celebrate our failures as part of the ongoing design process. The redesign process is just as important as the original design, if not more so. The failing part is awesome. In this mindset, if you fail that’s awesome. There really is no end to the potential to redesign something and make it infinitely better.”

Ms. Tremblay’s colleague, Cassie Underwood, adds “Digital Promise has allowed students to use the design process in a new and innovative way. They begin with an idea, design it using 3D software, print it on the 3D printer, and test it before redesigning and improving it. The excitement that I have seen in my students as they are creating their projects is unique because of the possibilities the technology has opened up.”

The school’s Learning Studio activities were featured in November 2016 in the The Saint Albans Messenger newspaper article, “Fletcher Elementary School takes students around the world.”

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