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Construct/Deconstruct Challenge in Australia

Learning Studio in Mundaring, Australia

October 24, 2016 | By

Students at Mundaring Primary School in Mundaring, Australia are tackling a STEM challenge with a twist. In groups of three, students deconstructed a PC and then used the parts to build a model vehicle of their own design – incorporating a piece of original design work created using the Sprout and Dremel 3D Printer. As the “deconstruction” phase kicked off, groups of students enthusiastically got to work.

STEM Deconstruct 2 - web 2Learning Studio participants in Australia


The result?  As principal Paul Larkin reported, “Five classes completed the challenge of designing and constructing a model vehicle from deconstructed computer parts and had a ball doing it. A large part of the challenge was to record and present the steps they took in the design and make process, which concluded with each group presenting their finished design to the class.

Learning Studio participants in AustraliaLearning Studios participants in Australia
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